Information Security: At the heart of the world economy in 2015


Feb. 19, 2015 10:21
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The oldest kind of information the world has historically wanted to secure has been Intellectual Property. The creations of the mind that are the groundwork of inventions,innovation and progress. In today's information-saturated economy, the ownership and protection of this information is imperative to our prosperity. Everything from art and science to defense and the energy industry rely on Intellectual property - and the patents, copyrights, and trademarks that protect it.

Ideas aren't the only thing that needs protection in our hyper-connected world. Many industries deal with extremely sensitive information that once leaked or stolen can put companies or even human lives at risk. Banks, hospitals or the military are but a few examples.

Therefore, with such high stakes and ever-evolving technology, companies need to keep up to ensure their information and assets are safe.

For example, oil and gas company PetroSaudi, under the impulse of its CEO Tarek Obaid, has undergone a multitude of technological upgrades that include a new enterprise resource planning system, a top-notch IT security infrastructure and an advanced intranet.

As resources become scarcer, innovation will become increasingly valuable. Indeed, even oil exporting countries such as the UAE have started to invest in innovation and alternative energy sources as they try to reduce the use of costly fossil fuels to produce power at a domestic level.


215 159

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