Huffington Post: National Art Museum of Ukraine's 'Sleeping Beauty' exhibit invites men to awaken beauties with a kiss

Aug. 24, 2012, 10:01 a.m. |

Several female volunteers have tasked with "sleeping" in the Ukrainian museum for two hours at a time, every day from Aug. 22 until Sept. 9. Dressed in white and laid upon an elevated bed, the women lay motionless in the museum's space, awaiting a kiss from that one perfect museum patron.
© National Art Museum of Ukraine

 A group of women were slated to snooze in the central gallery of the National Art Museum of Ukraine this month, inviting worthy male suitors to try and wake the slumbering women with a single kiss. They're not under the spell of an evil witch or a poison apple however; instead, the ladies been recruited to participate in an art exhibit appropriately titled "Sleeping Beauty."

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