Batkivschyna United Opposition, Svoboda agree on single-seat constituencies among their candidates

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Jul. 26, 2012 14:24
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Svoboda leader Oleh Tiahnybok
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The Batkivsichyna United Opposition and the Svoboda All-Ukrainian Union have completed the process of agreeing on their candidates' participation in the Verkhovna Rada elections in single-member constituencies, Svoboda leader Oleh Tiahnybok said.

"Our candidates will participate in the election in two columns – on two election lists – that of the Batkivshchyna All-Ukrainian Union and that of Svoboda. We have also agreed on the distribution of the candidates in single-seat constituencies. The United Opposition's candidates will run in 190 constituencies, and those from Svoboda in 35 constituencies," Tiahnybok said at a press conference on July 24.

He said they will coordinate their actions to defend their votes and in the future parliament.

Tyahnybok said the parties agreed to coordinate actions in the parliament, what legislation to vote for "in order to change the rule of the game in this country, to change the system of power in the country, to remove the bandit regime and to prevent the return of this dictatorship."

When asked whether Vitaly Klitschko's UDAR party will agree his candidates on single mandate districts, Arseniy Yatseniuk, one of the the leaders of the united opposition, said that "those who wanted to unite managed to unite."

"I seem to see that UDAR is playing its own game,” Tiahnybok added, pointing at the fact that Klitschko's party will run for parliament separately both on party lists and on single-mandate constituencies.

The elections will take place on Oct. 28. Half of Ukraine's 450-seat legislature will be elected through closed party lists and the other half will be elected on single mandate districts.


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