Klitschko: We'll leave only seven nationwide taxes, root out government corruption

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Aug. 01, 2012 19:19
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The leader of UDAR Party Vitali Klitschko has promised in its election program to leave in place only seven nationwide taxes.
Photo by Official page of Vitali Klitschko on Facebook

The leader of UDAR Party Vitali Klitschko has promised in its election program to leave in place only seven nationwide taxes and to create an independent anticorruption agency.

We'll leave only seven nationwide taxes, and simplify the taxation system," he said during the pre-election congress of the UDAR party.

At the same time he promised to root out government corruption.

"We'll inspect all officials, judges and law enforcement agencies. People suspected of corruption will be dismissed and called to account. For this purpose we'll create an independent anticorruption agency and ensure there is public oversight of its work," he said.

At the same time, the leader of the UDAR Party promised to "reboot" the court system, and also reinforce the control of the public over elections.

Klitschko said only the UDAR party could change Ukraine.

"We understand that we've got to change the country, and only we can do it. The time of the UDAR party has come," he said while presenting the party's election manifesto.

Talking about the program, Klitschko said: "The aim of our program is to destroy the wall that hampers the development of our country. First of all, we must break the system of corruption. We must ensure citizens have control over the country, create a mechanism for the effective protection of the person, and the possibility to oversee government. Then, we have to build a country of equal opportunities, guarantee equal chances of success to each person. We also should provide power to local communities and decentralize the budget. On the basis of all these reforms, we'll achieve a European standard of living, creating possibilities to earn a good wage, and for each person to develop. These five components constitute a firm fist. And we must strike out, first of all, at corruption," Klitschko said.


215 159

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