No winners determined yet in 9 election constituencies

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Nov. 03, 2012 18:20
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Ukrainians cast their ballots at a polling station in Kyiv, Ukraine, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012. Voters in Ukraine are choosing a new parliament Sunday.
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No winners have been determined yet in nine single-member election constituencies due to the problems with tabulation of the results of the Oct. 28 parliamentary elections in Ukraine as well as due to continuing litigations.

In particular, the situation is still unclear in three election constituencies in Kyiv. In constituency 216, self-nominee Oleksandr Suprunenko, who lost to a candidate of the Batkivschyna United Opposition Ksenia Liapina, challenged the results of the vote count in court and demands the head of district election commission be replaced. In addition, Kyiv Court of Appeals has not yet produced a ruling on Liapina's lawsuit against the lower court's decision on the recount of votes in several polling stations of the constituency.

A district election commission hasn't yet submitted a final result of the vote count in constituency 223. With 83.16% of the ballots counted in the constituency, self-nominee Viktor Pylypyshyn is several dozen votes ahead of his principal rival Svoboda All-Ukrainian Union member Yuriy Levchenko. The police are currently holding back supporters of these two candidates outside the district commission's office.

In constituency 211 in Kyiv, a representative of the Party of Regions, Ihor Lysov, is trying to challenge the victory of a candidate of the Batkivschyna All-Ukrainian Union Serhiy Teriokhin, in court. On Friday, Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal confirmed the lower court's ruling obliging district election commission to recount votes at more than 40 polling stations of the constituency.

The situation is very tense in constituency 132 in Pervomaisk (Mykolaiv region), where the confrontation between supporters of the two leading candidates continues for the third day with the involvement of riot police forces.

The Central Election Commission first said that opposition candidate Arkadiy Kornatsky won with 39.66% of the vote, while his opponent, the Party of Regions member, Vitaliy Travianko, took 34.09%. However, the CEC later released new figures showing that Travianko had beaten Kornatsky in the elections. Kornatsky has the same percentage of votes, while Travianko collected 39.97% of the vote.

The intervention of Mykolaiv District Administrative Court hasn't clarify the situation, since the court refused to verify the data of the vote count protocol and decided that a recount should be conducted by the district election commission. At the same time, the commission still cannot start the recount and approve the final report, since its head Vasyl Mykytiuk disappeared along with the commission's seal on November 2.

In addition, Soyuz Party challenges in court the election results in constituency 130 (Bashtanka, Mykolaiv region), where its candidate, Serhiy Chornomorets scored only 1.89% of the votes. With 100% of ballots counted, united opposition candidate Ihor Brychenko won in the constituency taking 42.23% of the vote.

The vote count still continues in single-seat constituency 11 (Vinnytsia). With 86.4% of ballots counted, representative of the Batkivschyna United Opposition Natalia Soleiko took the lead with the margin of 600 votes over her main rival – former government of Vinnytsia region - self-nominee Oleksandr Dombrovsky.

With 61.6% of ballots counted in single-seat constituency 197 (Kaniv, Cherkasy region), the leader is representative of the Batkivschyna United Opposition Leonid Datsenko, who is 1,100 votes ahead of self-nominee MP Bohdan Hubsky of the Party of Regions faction.

The tabulation continues in constituencies 94 and 95 in Kyiv region. With 97.8% of the ballots counted in constituency 94, a candidate of the Batkivschyna United Opposition Viktor Romaniuk is way ahead of his main rival the Party of Regions member, Tetiana Zasukha. The latter previously filed 28 complaints related to the fact that her observers and observers of the Party of Regions were not allowed to the polls. According to Romaniuk, Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal upheld these complaints.

With 95.5% of the ballots counted in constituency 95, Batkivschyna's candidate Viacheslav Kutovy is 3,500 votes ahead of UDAR's candidate Oleksandr Yurakov, and 4,500 votes ahead of the Regions Party's candidate Petro Melnyk.

According to Ukrainian electoral law, district commissions' decisions about their constituency winner may be appealed within two days after their adoption.


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