The Washington Post: Ukraine’s parliament devolves into vicious, all-out brawl

Dec. 13, 2012, 6:48 p.m. |

Deputies of the opposition fight with deputies of majority party during the opening of the newly elected Ukrainian parliament in Kyiv on Dec. 12. Activists from Ukraine's feminist group Femen staged a topless anti-corruption protest on Wednesday outside the ex-Soviet country's newly-elected parliament as a fight erupted between lawmakers inside. Ukraine's parliament has seen several physical confrontations in recent years amid bitter confrontation between opposition and pro-government camps.

This is what happened Wednesday, the first day of the national legislature’s new session, in Kyiv’s Verkhovna Rada parliament building. Those are national lawmakers.Yes, scuffles are nothing new for the Ukrainian parliament, as this slideshow demonstrates. Given that former prime minister was sentenced to seven years in prison, on charges that the European Union said were politically motivated; and that the recent election was marred by violence, protests and allegations of fraud, maybe it’s not shocking that lawmakers are unhappy with one another.

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