Euromaidan activists face pornography charges

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Jan. 05, 2014 10:03
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Kharkiv Euromaidan activist, Oleksandr Chyzhov, was detained by the militia on Jan. 4.
Photo by Pavlo Podufalov

A Kharkiv Euromaidan activist, Oleksandr Chyzhov, was detained by the militia on Saturday, Jan. 4, on immoral conduct charges. He is accused of distributing pornographic materials through the Vkontakte social network, reports Euromaidan SOS with reference to his Facebook page. 

"Today at about 11:30 am, five officers from the Anti-Organized Crime Department met me 100 meters away from the "Kharkiv Meat Processing Plant" public transportation stop on Gagarin Avenue. They shoved me in a car with darkened windows and ordinary numbers (civilian license plate – ed.) and took me to the Chervonozavod local police precinct," he wrote.

"While on the way there, one of the officers took my cell phone, without any external witnesses or seizure paperwork. Upon the arrival they brought me to office № 14, occupied by investigator Volodymyr Yakovych Babushkin, and accused me of disseminating pornographic materials on the Internet (via online correspondence in the Vkontakte social network) under Part 2 of Article 301 of the Criminal Code," Chyzhov wrote.

"In addition, they took my passport away and photocopied it. The officer who had seized my cell phone handwrote contacts from my phonebook without explanation," he reported.

"They also threatened to remove my home and work computers, to call to my colleagues, neighbors, relatives and friends with the message that I 'm a proliferator of pornographic materials," the activist wrote.

"I refused to testify without a lawyer. They kept me in the investigator’s office for about two hours and forced me to make an entry in the logbook, which was specially brought from the entrance hall of the police station to the office, that I have no complaints. They eventually released me and handed me a summons to show up at 10:00 on Jan. 8,.2014, to give testimony as a witness," Chyzhov revealed.

"A witness to what is unclear. When I came home and checked the Internet, it appeared that my personal page on Vkontakte had been hacked and I could not get access to it. The password recovery function is also out of order," he added.

In a similar case, on Dec. 31, the militia detained one of Donetsk Euromaidan’s activists, Yevhen Nasadyuk.

They forcefully delivered him to the Kuybyshevskyy local police precinct under the pretext of a complaint filed by his neighbors allegedly accusing him of corrupting the morals of minors.

They prohibited him from using his cell phone because he “could warn his accomplices”.  During the interrogation, they claimed that they have evidence in the form of some sort of a pornographic video to use against him.

That same day, his relatives called the neighbors who the militia claimed had filed the complaint. The neighbors said that indeed the militia had visited them earlier that day. The officers looked for a girl who allegedly resided there and whose morals had been corrupted. It remained unclear who actually filed the application.

Yevhen himself had planned to publically greet first lady Lyudmyla Yanukovych on New Year on that same day, Dec. 31.

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