Tymoshenko urges compatriots to fight against 'dictators'

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Aug. 24, 2012, 1:09 p.m. | Politics — by Interfax-Ukraine

Ukraine's ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko has congratulated her compatriots on the occasion of Independence Day and urged them to rise and fight against the dictatorship and "the power of the thieves."

Ukraine's ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko has congratulated her compatriots on the occasion of Independence Day and urged them to rise and fight against the dictatorship and "the power of the thieves." 

"Rise and fight! No one has the right to engage in feuds, confrontation, opportunism and political negligence. No responsible person has the right to remain neutral. The coming elections are not merely the opposition forces' struggle against those in power. These elections are a fight fought by all reasonable and strong people against the absolute evil that has been growing stronger in Ukraine. There is one thing we must not do on the 21st year of our independence. We must not leave our young country face to face with the kleptocrats, occupation forces and dictators, and we must not become accustomed to their level of immorality. We must not yield and we must not surrender our principles and our country," she said in a message to the nation.

"The 21st year of independence is the 21st year of victories and errors, successes and failures," she said.

"It is the year when a person becomes an adult. There is a term in psychology - the crisis of those in their twenties. It is the age when one wants to become the best and score the highest achievements. But this cannot be attained at first go. If everything were fine today, and if Ukraine were going through this crisis of positive maximalism, characteristic of its age, trying to become appealing and successful, to win, to amaze the world and make plans - we could feel confident on its 21st birthday and have no doubts about it consistent strategic future. But all of us know that this is not so, that attempts are being made to age us artificially as a nation," the ex-prime minister said.

"I do not want to think and I never will that the feeling of dignity and honor in the proud Ukrainians' hearts has been supplanted by primitive materialism, and their intellect and wisdom by political propaganda and language adventurism. I know you are different. Your are real," Tymoshenko said.

"On your birthday I wish you, my Ukraine, to stand tall, to take a deep breath and fill your heart again with faith and hope, taken away from you after the Orange Revolution. I know that the scars left by the cynical betrayals of those times are still burning. But we must step on the path of recovery. We must get back to struggle and to life again. There are times of trials ahead of us. Some say we have lost our battle. But everything remains in our hands. We still have a chance to change everything. Fight and win! Be victorious, my Ukraine! Happy Birthday!" Tymoshenko writes. 

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Ukrtoday Ukraine Aug. 25, 2012, 2:44 a.m.    

Ukraine will never be a free independent democratic state as long as it is beholden to presidential rule. Tumoshenko as toyed with the notion of Ukraine becoming a democracy but has failed to committ to constitutional reform that would see Ukraine embrace a full Parliamenatry model of governance, as recommended by the Parliamentray Assembly of the Cocuni, to Europe and the Venice ommission.

The United Opposition does not have united policy for reform with Yatseniuk and members of Our Ukraine opposed to Uraine becoming a democratic state. The have no policy for change.

Over 25% of Ukrainian will be disenfranchised in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. The newly elected Parliamnet will not be representative of Ukraine. Power and te right of governance will determined by the office of Pressient not the parliament.

if Ukraine is to avoid autocratic authoritarian rule it must embrace constitutional reform and the adoption of a full Parliamnetary system of government. The system of representation must be fair and equal.

no matter who wins te next election the results if the election will not be accepted by the other side. Ukraine will continue to be divided and continue to lose faith and confidence in its political leaders.

First step is to removal presidential power and presidential authority.

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blueriver Aug. 27, 2012, 11:46 a.m.    

Most people in Ukraine want change from Yanukovych and his love for everything Russian, the problem is that most Ukrainians do not have billion / millions $$$ to push Yanukovych out, Yanukovych is supported by the Gas / Gaszprom loby in billions of $$

Most Ukrainian's do not use a PR Public Relations company to make them look good....

Most Ukrainians are not afraid of a Lady

Yankovych cheat / lied in the elections in 2004, .the lady made a foold of Yanukovych made him look stupid....revenge revenge put her in jail.....If Yanykovych had his way Yulia would be stoned or Poisoned

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