Man With A Mission

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Oct. 7, 2011, 3:50 a.m. | Ukraine — by Katya Gorchinskaya

Sergiy Tigipko

Katya Gorchinskaya

Katya Gorchinskaya has been the Kyiv Post's deputy chief editor since 2009 and is a contributor to The Wall Street Journal and other publications. Follow her on Twitter @kgorchinskaya.

Since finishing in third place in the 2010 presidential election, Sergiy Tigipko has cast his lot – and that of his Strong Ukraine party – with the ruling pro-presidential Party of Regions.
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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 6:39 a.m.    

Tigipko is not a member of parliament. He tried to buy support, His party String Ukraine is not a grass roots organisation, far from it. He could no longer continue to support it. His deal to joining Party or Regions has already cost him support with recent polls placing him at below 4%. He is certainly not s pro=-democracy candidate. The fact that hye was able to buy his position in the presidential election raises ongoing concern about the presidential system. Ukraine would be better removing presidential power and authority and adopting a full parliamentary system of government as did Estonia and Latvia. Tigipko has no long term policies and like the rest is just interested in massing self power.

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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 10:52 a.m.    

The term 'political whore' springs to mind. Why does he work out, he would be better suited getting breast implants.

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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 11:36 a.m.    

Tigipko is 100 percent right. A politician has to use his time in power to take productive actions, not just talking. You can talk all day long when you are out of power. I wish Tigipko the best. He is a brave and determined man, as well as a patriot of his country.

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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 7:16 p.m.    

He is 100% idiot! He betrayed his supporters, his party lost all support, meaning that the people don't trust him anymore.He then quickly jumped under the wings of Yanukonvict in order to protect his place next to the devil and the millions he keeps pillaging from the country. All his ramblings about doing good for the country is CRAP! It's just his way of diverting attention from the real criminal activities taking place within the ruling mafia.And Tigipko is at the top of the mafia list.

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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 11:16 p.m.    

I NEVER &quot;then quickly jumped under the wings of Yanukonvict in order to protect his place next to the devil and the millions he keeps pillaging from the country.&quot;

I was the right hand of Yanukobich The Zek when we pulled off the 2004 election fraud !!

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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 11:26 p.m.    


Second, a new electoral law is being devised which would move the system towards a dual proportional/constituency based system, from the current fully proportional system. The head of the electoral commission has warned that the proposed new system could end up with a party securing just 20 percent of votes in the election (Regions, presumably) securing 60 percent of seats in parliament.

Read more:


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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 3:13 p.m.    

Tigipko is seeking job security. He no longer has public support and his political career was likely finished. He is seeking the security of the Yanukovych vote rigging, graft and corruption machine.

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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 7:33 p.m.    

Tigipko is no longer a credible politian.With his support plummeting to zero, and his party dead, he has no other option but to join Yanukonvicts gang and preserve his place next to the devil.And he's there only to serve his personal interests.

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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 9:31 p.m.    

The title should read - &quot;Man with a Mission Impossible&quot;.

Tigipko is a traitor.

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Anonymous Oct. 7, 2011, 9:59 p.m.    

As 99% of all the parliament members, he is not a politician, but nothing more than a administrator that try to utilize his insight into economics to ensure the rich has a safety net for the upcoming crisis, and as the Greec's are doing, he pass the bill for this to the weakest in the society. Ukriane is one of the top countries of having people living on social benefits in one way or another (pension of various types0 with 28% of its population recieving their monthly pay through this system. By people, its the country in the world with the highest amount of people, given its aroun 13 million of them. Norway has 31% of their population receiving social benefits, but they only have around 5 million people together, so it only gets to be 1.5 million people, only about 12% of Ukraine.

It is about time reforms are targeting the rich in Ukraine, and let them pay for what they have recieved from the people of Ukraine.

Start with reform on property tax, and make it work, and this will inspire more transactions on the property market as well as creating income for the government and work for the people.

Another thing he could try, is to ensure reforms on social benefits are in line with the countries he try to compare himeself with, instead of cutting them down all the time.

If he believe Ukraine belong in EU then he need to adjust his pension accordingly and ensure people can live on this, and not go around and contribute to the shadow economy of Ukraine.

If he ask for support to change the system, he should start convincing the Ukrainian people of his reforms and how the Ukraine people can benefit from it, and not the 1% who are well off already.

He has yet to demonstrate that he contributes to a better Ukrainian economy, talking to IMF does not help Ukraine economy, it only throws out a life line for Ukraine to survive since they cannot find ways to get out of the swamp themselves.

They own no idea on how to make the country stronger, but have their heads full of plans on how to secure their own domains and fortunes, no longer Ukraine.

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Capitalist Capitalist Oct. 8, 2011, 8:29 a.m.    


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Capitalist Capitalist Oct. 8, 2011, 8:42 a.m.    

1. Bad politican. He was #3 on presidental election, but at which place was his party at October 2010 election after his &quot;great&quot; reforms?

2. Bad businessman. Sold his bank to Swedbank which now closing its Ukrainian retail banking business.

1. Thank you for popular reforms for few persons and unpopular for all others.

2. Thank you for destroying your party and great tax reform for 80% of party members.

3. Thank you for transparent privatisation of UkrTelecom, minings etc

4. Thank you for increasing party election barrier from 3% to 5%.

5. Thank you for making our police stronger.

But lets be true. Who are you on this performance? Party of Regions demanded you to join. Because you are nobody in politics. Person w/o party. W/o image. W/o ethics. Pluto.

Sincerely yours,

Member of Strong Ukraine

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Anonymous Oct. 8, 2011, 5:20 p.m.    

I wush more members of the Strong Party would stand up and tell their opinion about this person, and let him freeze out in the cold by himself. Then he will make his real face open to all of us rest to see. He is a Party of region man, and has always been, only used a party to get where he is at the moment.

He is used by POR as an alibi of making a coalition government visible to the people. And see where it got him, to the most unpopular and least powerful position of them all in the government, a paper tiger to make a sound for the POR nothing else.

What is worst, no one in his party states their opinion about him, just lets him off the hook like that, pathetic. Just tells you how power hungry politicians can get, all for the power's sake..

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Anonymous Oct. 9, 2011, 7:42 p.m.    

Ukraine has too many political parties - more than 100 at last count. All of them are useless pieces of crap except for PoR, BYT, and Front Zmin, maybe a couple of others. Consolidating the smaller parties into the big ones is actually a good idea and fits with what is going in Western countries. Tigipko was smart enough to realize this.

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Anonymous Oct. 9, 2011, 6:05 p.m.    

LOL at the moron below who said that Tigipko is a bad businessman. He is worth at least 800$ million. And now he is using the knowledge he gained as a manager for the benefit of Ukraine. Whereas most of the people here criticizing him are a bunch of do-nothing clowns sitting around on their sofas. Go out and get a job.

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