Pshonka: Kuchma case inquiry to be over soon

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April 15, 2011, 1:19 p.m. | Ukraine — by Interfax-Ukraine
Vinnytsia, April 15 (Interfax-Ukraine) - The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office is completing its investigation against Former President Leonid Kuchma, Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka said. "The investigator appointed by the Prosecutor General's Office is finishing the inquiry into Kuchma's case. We regard the materials collected by the investigation as objective," Pshonka said at a news conference in Vinnytsia on April 15.

"We are ready to complete the investigation and to forward the materials [to Kuchma] next week," he said.

However, the inquiry into the killing of journalist Georgy Gongadze continues, he said.
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Anonymous April 15, 2011, 3:32 p.m.    

The following paragraph that I found on the internet, gives us the details of the Terrorist American Government that lines their own pocket by means of the Mafia Military Industrial Complex, rather than spending money on America’s roads and highways.

Car accident statistics provide essential information about how we drive. The purpose is to reduce loss of life and injuries as well as determining car insurance rates. Car accident statistics also determine if changes need to be made regarding driver education and regulation. The motorist advocacy group AAA recently released an auto accident report just as Congress begins looking at re-authorizing federal transportation programs for 2009. AAA looked at several nationwide studies to determine the effects of car accidents. They analyzed a study conducted by Cambridge Systematics that considered such costs as emergency and police services, property damage, medical care, and lost productivity and quality of life. From the process used in the Cambridge report, AAA determined that auto accidents cost $164.2 billion each year, which is about $1, 051 annually per person. After looking at an annual traffic congestion report issued by the Texas Transportation Institute that took into account 85 urban areas throughout the United States, AAA determined traffic congestion costs the nation $67.6 billion each year, or $430 per person,. According to the AAA report, urban areas with more than 3 million residents pay two times the cost of congestion for crashes, while in areas with less than 500,000 residents, the cost of car crashes rises to seven times the cost of congestion. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that nearly 300,000 Americans suffer incapacitating injuries every year as a result of auto accidents." Nearly 43,000 people die on the nation's roadways each year," said AAA President and CEO Robert L. Darbelnet in a report. As America's highways and roads become more congested, the number of car accidents increases. It is important for drivers to be aware of the auto accident statistics so they can take preventative measures to avoid becoming a statistic.

England and America say that Governments should not kill their own People, and many People would agree with them.

We know that America killed Timothy McVeigh and other American Citizens, and it needs to be asked if there are some People in every Country who should be killed by their own Governments.

England and America have a long track record on supporting murderous terrorists, and many People think that the Western Sponsored armed Militias in Libya can be likened to the People like the terrorist Timothy McVeigh.

The American Government knows that they are deliberately Murdering tens of thousands of their own People each year, because they spend money on the Military and not on their roads and highways.

There are hundreds of thousands of automobile accidents in America each year, and tens of thousands are killed, and many more tens of thousands are injured each year in America.

America says that they need to spend over one Trillion Dollars a year, because these liars say that someone will invade America.

We all know that this is a lie, because no one in their right mind would even think of invading and occupying America.

There is no Country that could invade and occupy America, except for the American Dictators.

The only ones who could invade and occupy America is the American Government that graves setting up a Military Dictatorship in America.

This is why the American Politicians are working overtime to shred the American Constitution and to set up a Military Dictatorship in America.

With money spent on America’s roads and highways it would allow for more efficient driving that would use less fuel, because there would be less traffic lights that increase fuel consumption.

It would not only save American drivers only their fuel bills, but the roads and highways would be safer, and that contributes significantly to less traffic casualties and injuries.

America falsely calls its War Budget a Defence Budget, but no one can invade and occupy America.

The Dictators of America want to disarm the American People so that they can then bring back the Army to America to set up a Military Dictatorship in America.

The Dictators of America and their Nazi NATO Puppets keep taking about a responsibility to protect People, but we have seen how they do not care about protecting their own Citizens, so they care even less for others.

George Washington warned the American People to always have healthy mistrust of the American Government and its Representatives.

This statement was made in the days when American Politicians were considered to be more trustworthy and honourable.

As for today, we know the depths of corruption that has entrenched itself in the American Political Establishment, and I will just be Diplomatic and say that things have not improved in America since the days of George Washington.

The video Titled: Gaddafi Cruising the Streets of Tripoli, Libya 14 Apr 2011, can be found on the Internet at, unless the CIA has changed the location or contents of that video.

We can see from that video that we should always look for alternatives sources of News, rather than relying on the Bribed, Corrupted, and Biased American Main Stream Media.

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Anonymous April 15, 2011, 7:14 p.m.    

Dude, this is an article about Kuchma! I realize you are fascinated by the good old USA and realize by the points you site we are not perfect. Still, we are babes in the wood compared to the atrocities performed on its own citizens by the former Soviet Union. It is obvious you love us and want to live here... Sorry Charlie, I do not think your chances are good.

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Anonymous April 15, 2011, 8:18 p.m.    

Better start taking your meds again.

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Anonymous April 15, 2011, 6:06 p.m.    

THE - I feel so sorry for you. Obviously, you are very depressed and confused, and your incoherent rants are a glaring reminder of the pitiful state of being in Russia today. It is your motherf____erland Russia that has a mafia government. Please seek professional help, outside of Russia.

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Anonymous April 15, 2011, 8:13 p.m.    

Pshonka doesn't look a like fair minded or trustworthy man.

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Anonymous April 15, 2011, 11:26 p.m.    

The editorial staff of the Ukrainian English-language newspaper Kyiv Post have gone on strike demanding the reinstatement of their chief editor Brian Bonner, who was fired by the owner of the publication, Mohammad Zahoor.

&quot;The Kyiv Post's editorial staff has started a strike demanding that Bonner be reinstated as chief editor. We will continue to write and edit our articles, but won't publish any news item or issue,&quot; the newspaper's team wrote on the social networking site Facebook.

The Kyiv Post's staff said they were protesting against &quot;interference in the independent activities of its editorial staff.&quot;

&quot;We believe that publisher Mohammad Zahoor's decision to fire chief editor Brian Bonner due to his refusal to withdraw an interview with Agriculture Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk was such interference,&quot; the editors' team said.

The Kyiv Post is Ukraine's leading English-language newspaper. It was founded in 1995 by a U.S. citizen, Jed Sunden. In 2009, it was bought by a British citizen and owner of the ISTIL Group, Mohammad Zahoor.

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Anonymous April 16, 2011, 1:16 p.m.    

There is no such thing as a free press. the editor and staff do not won Kyiv Post. It is the prerogative of they wonder to hire and fire the editor. The editor is not the one that is held liable for any defamation action. If the publisher no longer has confidence in the editor that that is his/their choice. Staff must demonstrate a degree of professionalism. If they do not like the direction band policies of the company then they should resign and seek employment elsewhere.

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Anonymous April 17, 2011, 3:31 p.m.    

The term Mission Creep comes from the rearranged words of real intentions of the Creeps who are on a Neo-Colonial Mission.

Any Mission Creep is really just the original Mission, minus the lies that were told to steal the Resources of Libya and the African Continent.

We have seen how America and its Disgusting and Arrogant European White Supremacists do not obey any laws, or agreements, or United Nations Resolutions.

It is the responsibility of Russia and China to preserve the United Nations Charter by publishing the plans of their latest surface to air missiles to help England, France, and America stop further Colonialism of the World.

Russia and China should not blackmail England, France, and America for Money or other concessions by saying that they will always put their latest surface to air missile technology on the internet for all to manufacture.

It could that there is someone in Russia or China who will sell these plans, and if they do, then they will probably be very discreet, but perhaps Russia and China should just sell the finished product.

The Libyan CIA Sponsored Coup Plotters have threatened China that they will get no Oil or business from the Libyan Coup Plotters, because China abstained form voting on the UNSC Resolution.

In other words, if China gives a better offer to the Libyan People for future business than the Neo-Colonialist Countries give, then the Puppet Coup Plotters will accept less money for the People that they claim to care for.

We should be under any illusion that this is a Humanitarian Mission by the Neo-Colonialist Murderers and Thieves.

America does not want to be seen taking the lead in this Joint Criminal Enterprise, ever though America is fully in Charge of NATO, because America is aware of the reaction of Black African Nations, and of Arabs Nations.

Many Loyal and Patriotic American Investigative Journalists say that Al-Qaeda was created by the American Government, and that Al-Qaeda is funded by the American Government.

It is like a corrupt Graffiti Cleaning business that hires criminals to create the graffiti in the first place, because they want to receive money to clean up the Graffiti.

A good cartoon would be for a Cow that looks like Hillary Clinton with its tail raised and defecating a cow pad on the ground that looks like Libya.

The entire African Continent can be used as the shape of a cow pad, but for the more generic Neo-Colonial Ambitions of the Arrogant White Supremacist Murderers and Thieves.

There are blowflies flying near to the cow pad or on the cow pad, and these blowflies look like the Puppet Barack Uncle Tom Obama, and the Leaders and Foreign Ministers of England, France, and Italy, and the Secretary General of NATO, and some other Libyan Traitors, and Arab Puppets and African Puppets.

This depicts the long planned and illegal Coup by Hillary Clinton and the neo-Colonialist against a Sovereign and Independent Country.

The White Supremacist Neo-Colonialists of England, France, and Italy want to recolonize the African Continent, because they want to exploit the resources of Africa at the expense of the People of the African Continent.

I waive any copyright on this, and perhaps a Cartoon that has spoken satirical words should be made using this theme and put on the internet in different Continental African and European Languages.

Hillary Clinton says that America has prevented another Srebrenica, but Srebrenica was not genocide, but it was an act of self defence by the Serbs of Bosnia Herzegovina who were provoked into taking that action.

Hillary Clinton is correct in saying that America and NATO have prevented the Libyans from protecting themselves from the CIA Sponsored Militias.

The United Nations Resolution says all possible means to protect Civilians, but the Armed Militias refused negotiations, because the Puppet Master America told them to do that, regardless of how many Civilians will die because of prolong fighting.

This is the same thing that America did with their Puppets the Kosovo Albanians, and America told them not to negotiate a Compromise.

We have seen how The Hague correctly sentenced the Croatian War Criminals, but they only did this because of Libya, and America will order the verdict to be overturned on appeal if it is Political possible in the future.

The Libyan Conflict means that any hopes of Independence is over for the Kosovo Albanians, and that they should revoke their Unilateral Declaration of Independence, because this will make things easier for America and the European Union.

Continental Europe wants the Serbian Army to rightfully patrol all of Kosovo, because America will soon be leaving Serbia and its Province of Kosovo for good, because the American Government will want to spend taxpayers’ money on streets, roads, and highways in America to protect the American Drivers and their passengers, because they have a responsibility to protect Americans.

We should not be surprised that Al-Qaeda is in Libya, and this is to Puppetize the Coup Leaders with the threat of death, if they do not fully Puppetize to Neo-Colonial Whims.

The Mission Creep that the Neo-Colonialists have planned if for Al-Qeada to become active to the Point of a Puppet Government begging America to set up a Military Base in Libya.

America will say that this Mission Creep was never known, but has now been made necessary by the presence of Al-Qeada, and the begging of the Puppet Government who does not want America to give the word to Al-Qaeda to liquidate them.

Obviously, that type of honesty will not be exhibited by any who want to live, and, this explains why America Politicians do not always tell the truth.

If anyone decides to tell the truth, the they will be said to need medication, and the Main Stream Media, corrupt as they are, also wants to live, and will tell all the lies that are necessary.

The NATO ‘humanitarians’ have not removed the cluster bombs and the depleted uranium that they left there during their Joint Criminal Enterprise.

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Anonymous April 17, 2011, 3:45 p.m.    

Those of us, who have studied the War Crimes Trials conducted by the Victors, will see that there is much corruption and injustice in that tainted process.

It is true that some are guilty as charged, but too much of the allegations and the proceedings is exaggerated, and is designed and used for the political schemes of those who need the victim status.

Perhaps John Demjanjuk knew of the exaggerations and the falsehoods of some of the claims of Holocaust account, and perhaps he is being persecuted because of the Secret Political Agenda of the Secret Nazis of the Zionist Movement who existence depends on the Blameless Victim Myth.

Many People think that John Demjanjuk’s Lawyers should make this the main argument for this shameful conduct against a Person who never wanted the Zionist and Anglo-American engineered World War 2 to have occurred in the first place.

Germany wants to receive the approval of their Zionist Controlled Anglo-American Masters, while pursuing Germany’s own goals of demonizing and persecuting Slavic People, who they view as being Subhuman.

I found the following video on the Internet, and I did this by holocaust denial into the search engine for videos.

The video tiled: The Auschwitz 'History'---a case for holocaust denial, can be found on the Internet at, 5797124812012148738#, unless the CIA or Jewish groups change the location or contents of that video.

The impartial Jewish maker of the video says: This video presents evidence debunking the party line story surrounding the Auschwitz camp in Poland during the Nazi occupation, thereby undermining the 'official holocaust' story (a fabricated hoax). The 'history' about Auschwitz we generally hear about is the 'history' supporting the Zionist 'understanding' about what went on during the Third Reich era of Germany. This video reveals that most of the 'official history' of the 'holocaust' is based on lies, myths, and war time propaganda. This video helps holocaust sceptics in their fight for the true understanding of the history during that period.

Even though Jews did die and suffer in World War 2, I wonder if the Zionist Controlled British Empire and America gave the Kuril Islands to the Soviet Union as a payment for spreading lies.

Auschwitz Workers Camp attracts 500,000 tourists with SPENDING MONEY every year, and I wonder if any of the Staff that works as supposed experts and as tourist guides like it when they receive their weekly Salaries as MONEY.

I wonder what percentage of humans in the world would actually tell lies for MONEY.

I wonder if Churchill and Roosevelt gave Poland and other European countries and territories to the Soviet Union, because the Jews needed the Soviet Union to cover up the facts.

I wonder if Churchill and Roosevelt told Joseph Stalin that Britain and America will not invade the Soviet Union and kill Joseph Stalin, or put him in prison for the rest of his life, if he helped the Jews with their much needed Victim Status, because Anglo-America had decided to steal Palestine for and give it to the Jews.

The reason would have been for Geopolitical purposes, and Oil was also a major factor, along with maintaining Anglo-American Global Hegemony.

I wonder if the deal given to Joseph Stalin and to the Soviet Union was a deal they could not refuse to accept.

It is a pity that Mikhail Gorbachev who was different to other Soviet Leaders did not actually confess that the Soviet Union was a Puppet of Anglo-America for many years; and, even till this day to a large extent.

I understand that Russia cannot tell the truth, because the Americans voice recorded the giving of the Kuril Islands to Russia as a payment for lying for Anglo-America.

There is also the fact that Russia will not confess for the obvious reasons that the Russians wanted to continually over demonize Germany and the German People to gain revenge for the First and Second World Wars.

The German People and Arab People should voluntarily give Gold, Silver, Precious Gems, and Euros to the Ukrainian Government in order for the Ukrainian Government to switch off the Gas to Europe.

This will be Compensation Money to Ukraine for blackmailing Europe to provide the true knowledge of what really happened to the Jews during the Nazi Era.

This has nothing to do with Nazis, or with neo-Nazism, but it only has to do with those German People and Arab People who want the record set straight.

All European Newspapers will write the truth of what really happened to the Jewish People during the Nazi Era, and what really led to it, and not the exaggerated version, or the mythically blameless Zionist version of exaggerations.

Europe will legislatively remove all Privileges for Jews Only, on People questioning what happened in World War 2 to any Race of People, including the Jews.

Only then will the Gas be turned back on for Europe, and the information that is found on the Internet should be used for a Truth and Reconciliation Process between Israeli and Palestinian People.

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