Russian Finance Minister: Talks on second tranche of Russian loan to continue after new government formed

Feb. 24, 2014, 12:49 p.m. | Interfax-Ukraine

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (R) and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych shake hands after signing documents in the Kremlin on Dec. 17 to seal a deal for a $15 billion bailout from Moscow and cheaper gas.

Russia might continue talks with Ukraine on buying a second tranche of Ukrainian eurobonds once a new Ukrainian government has been formed, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters. 

"We did discuss buying Ukrainian eurobonds last week but, since the situation in Ukraine has changed abruptly, we need to understand which Ukrainian government we are to work with. We intend to wait until a new government has been formed and to get an understanding of its economic policy," Siluanov said.

Russia already invested $3 billion in Ukrainian bonds last year, Siluanov said. The purchase of another $2 billion in bonds was discussed last week, but Russia has so far decided against buying them.

"We are also supplying gas to Ukraine in keeping with the agreements that we reached on the timeframe. Today, Ukraine needs to decide on its economic policy because this year is not a straightforward one for them from the point of view of repaying foreign creditors," Siluanov said.