U.S.ambassador praises realization of USAID Families for Children Program in Ukraine

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April 9, 2010, 3:17 p.m. | Ukraine — by Interfax-Ukraine

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft has praised the work of Ukrainian central and local government officials on the social protection of children

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft has praised the work of Ukrainian central and local government officials on the social protection of children via the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Families for Children Program. "I would like to praise the Family, Youth and Sports Ministry, the central and local government officials, who were involved in this [Families for Children] program. I would like to praise [their] desire and commitment to improve the welfare of the Ukrainian children," Tefft said at a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday.

He noted that currently in Ukraine there exist the mechanisms and experience for further carrying out reforms in the sphere of the social protection of children.

Deputy Family, Youth and Sports Minister of Ukraine, Liudmyla Volynets, in turn, noted that after the program had been launched, thousands of children were adopted. Currently, according to her, the number of such children reaches 8,500.

The deputy minister also said that during the realization of the program, the Ukrainian parliament passed 98 regulatory and legal acts in the sphere of the protection of children's' rights.
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Anonymous April 9, 2010, 8:14 p.m.    

The claim that USA and Russia are drwing closer as USA wants to deal with Iran, is partly true.

High oil prices, the none inteference by the US led West in Ukraine, French boats and US/Israeli drones 'given/sold' to Russia, further illustrates that.

Putin, to stop the expending Bush's military crusades, has joined forces with Iran and China.

Medvedev, put on Gorbachev's mentle, and through his version of perestroika/modernization had warmed up to the USA at the expense of dropping China and Iran.

Supporting sanctions against Iran is a huge turn about for Russia, and it is not a sure bet for Russia's long term benefit, and neither is supported wholly by th more conservative Putin teams.

For now it appears they play the good cop/bad cop scinerio, and the candies are being dropped on Russia;s table by a seriously calculating USA.

No visa for Russia, The recent Arms treaty all meant to reflect that.

But the coup in Kyrgyztan is testamony that Russia does not fall for this whole new acting by the USA, not entirely.

On Iran, the issue s much more delicate, to say the least.

Iran has nukes, it is a fact.

They had tested some 2 years ago n the mountains, and are continually making progress with launchheads/pads for these nukes.

But Iran alone is less than half the issue,,,

Iran, like Russia and Chine had proved, finds its justification and security in developing and retaining these nukes, by giving these nukes and technologies to any one that are potentiol allies, and are threatened by the USA, or are keen to be free of USA dictate.

Assisting Venesuella, Brasil, Argentina, Bolivia, Syria, Lebanon, with nukes/arming them with nukes are all part of Iran;s strategy to fend off the threats by USA, and develop a deterrance with Israeli and USA nuke threats.

At this point, it is fair to say, the world can no longer run/dictated by USA, unless USA/CHINA/RUSSIA are willing to face the music and collaterial demages, a few dozen nukes will cause to europe Asia the middle East and possibly North America..

Isolatng the Soviet Union what kept it strong for 60 years.

Only when Gorbachev was welcomed in the West as an equal citizen of the world, did their empire started to open up, and crumble quickly after this historical opening to the West.

Isolating Iran with sanctions will have no real benefits, other than the quick spread of nuclear weapons and the possinility of many countries being smoked by nukes soon.

It is said over and over that Israel has 200 nukes... which has never been verified.

But the common whispers among arabs today are: ' Israel may have 200 nukes, but one nuke of Iran will take out the entire little Isreal''

Events in Krigyztan reveal, a policy is much intact by Russia's hard line, that focuses on the day after USA got what it wanted and once again will likely to turn on Russia, as the Romanian and Polish ballistic missiles are a USA prelude to that.

So Russia is pushing USA out of the region, regardless of how many nukes IRAN has.

And if USA is concerned over IRAN;S nuke arsenal, Russia has hydrogen bombs, and the Russians are not amused by USA;S constant military presence and wars at their borders..

USA policy has been since the fall of the SOVIET EMPIRE, to capture the world and dominate it alone, and use NATOto to prevent EUROPE from becoming an independent block.

USA and nato, had spent over 100 trillion dollars in the past 50 years on its military to bully dominate other nations, and it was the main cause of the spreading of nuclear weapons and world hunger, and under develpoment, lack of any social progress, and global economical fatigue..

USA had a historic opportunity for uni lateral disarmamment when the SOVIETS fell apart, and it could had leaad the world to prosperity and peace.

Instead, the USA attacked the world, wanted it all, cotrolling and dictating every one and everythng, while to do this, it did not have a sound economy to back it up, but on credit cards...

The fall of the USA is inevitable, and the world is working on a new POWER arrangement,,,

It will be Continantal and Regional, and should bring greater peace and prosperity than the USA/NATO reign had wrought, and it should cost a fraction of that,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To say the least, USA is culturally and morally insensitive and out of touch with reality, their world supremacy is based on rule by oppression/division and false pretexts, where most individuals are obstacles that need to be eliminated via war poverty social economical hardships..

THEIR ideology, DEMOCRACY was a magic tool in this endevour, as people beleived democracy is for freedom and well being, and now we know, after $100 trillion down the drain,,, democracy is the propaganda of opression and global dicatorship...

It is coming to an end,,, just like the USA empire...

Nations are triyng to fill the vacum, and set new real tangible freedoms and social justice,,, golbally,,,,

Good luck to us, may God lead us to peacefull coexzistence and global prosperity,,,,,

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Anonymous April 9, 2010, 9:34 p.m.    

I guess Mr Tefft will not be impressed by the actions of Nancy Hansen and daugher, of Shelbyville, Tennessee this week then.

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