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You're reading: All investigations at prosecutor’s office blocked starting from March 1
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These include corruption cases against disgraced former President Viktor Yanukovych and his allies and into the murder of more than 100 protesters during the 2013-2014 EuroMaidan Revolution.

Corruption investigations assigned to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau still continue, however.

In January President Petro Poroshenko signed a law on transferring investigative functions from the Prosecutor General's Office to the yet-to-be-created State Investigation Bureau on March 1.

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So once again, the prosecutors office, the courts and certain elements in the Rada conspire to prevent reform of the PGO and the courts. This is the most important battle-ground in Ukraine at present.

The eyes of the people will be on the Rada, and especially on Poroshenko: He tried to protect Shokin for a long time. Now it appears that legislation drafted on his watch is defective - can he fix this. Is he even willing to fix it?

But a big hat-tip to Kyiv Post for publicising this.

So the elites and oligarchs cannot be prosecuted now? This should work out well 😉

In the Kremlin the only investigations your bosses carry out are the availability of collegues wives and how much loot each other has for bribes & stealing.

Basically Andre in the state Russian power is at the moment it is a disaster that is borne from the ex soviet clowns previous folly's.

Yes, it is what has been happening for the past two years. The last defence for the most corrupt oligarchs has been the prosecutor's office and the courts.

No doubt they have used their tame lawmakers in the Rada to manoeuvre this legislation in the way they wanted, but it is also due to the corrupt judges in the courts who enforce it in a certain way.

These are the techniques that saw the warrants against Yanukovych quashed.
It is all the work of the old Soviet-style oligarchs, and it is currently Ukraine';s biggest challenge.

Poro to act?

The PGO needs a new head. A reformer.

What are they waiting for?

Exactly. Poroshenko continually dragged his feet over getting rid of Shokin. Under pressure from the IMF, he finally gave Shokin the boot, but he has not yet appointed a true reformer in his place, and this legislation appears to have been sabotaged by someone inimical to reform.

Poroshenko is the one best placed to act and to resolve this. If he will not do so, or doesn't seem interested, then why should the Ukrainian people support him as President any longer?

Resolving it? He is one of the architects .....

Well, he has ample opportunity to show differently, if he wants to.

For example, over the next two weeks he could take decisive action to appoint a credible reformer as head of the PGO, another credible reformer as his deputy, and provide them with the legislation to support them. There is a majority in the Rada who say they are favourable to reform, and the onus would be on each Rada member to vote in favour of the legislation or show that their true colours are also otherwise.

But its up to him. The eyes of Ukraine and the world are on him.

Gunnar Jeschke

I can tell you what they are waiting for. Some of the cases need to be closed, because there is no evidence, but they cannot admit it in public. Some other cases they want to be closed, because the culprits are either friends or could be useful in the future.

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