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You're reading: New Bellingcat report puts blame squarely on Russia for MH17 tragedy, focuses on specific Russian brigade
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The airliner was flying from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, when contact was suddenly lost over the war zone in eastern Ukraine. Reports quickly came that parts from the plane had come down in Russian-backed separatist territory, with the aircraft having disintegrated in midair.

The findings could help criminal investigators identify specific individuals responsible for the killings. The names and identities of all soldiers and officers were shared in December with the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team probing the downing of the jet, in an uncensored and more extensive version of the report, Bellingcat said.

The investigation into the downing of the airliner is led by the Dutch Justice Ministry’s Public Prosecution Service. The Joint Investigation Team, which is also taking part in the investigation, is made up of teams from Belgium, Ukraine, Australia, and Malaysia.

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Because there never was a "false flag operation".

How many people are willing to risk death to become Russians? How about zero.

I have been gone for six months and the trolls still use the same B.S. as facts. smdh.

"The rest of world believes .." - stated an intellectual midget! I could explain to you how s****d it is but I doubt you would understand, given the record.

Yes. Black Flag is an aerosol insecticide. You meant False Flag. Please troll responsibly and learn the correct idioms. Your knowledge level explains so much.

So polls before Russia invaded a sovereign country, annexed a portion of it, created a conflict in the Donbas, threatened the use of nuclear weapons on multiple occasions, reacted to defensive weapon systems by violation of nuclear limitation in treaties they are a party to, creating new nuclear missile systems, staging snap military drills to intimidate their neighbors, and then kidnapping citizens of other countries, and taking them to Russia to have show trials ... And then bombing hospitals and other civilian targets, oh, and shooting down mh17.

Go read the Dutch report troll.

No more food for you from me. Your posts are nothing substantive they are resplendent with ad hominum attacks, and schoolyard dialogue that you think is framing a critical thought but falls as short as the four cruise missile the Russians had that crashed in Iran.

And if the US is so despised, why do a huge number of people arrive on her shores, both legally and illegally each year to seek a better life.

It's called a "false" flag and does not apply to this specific case ...

It just means he probably has a girlfriend lol


And it was probably voted the country most people would like to call home... ha ha. There's no accounting for the irrationality of human beings... not to mention the relative meaninglessness of many if not most polls.

They deleted this comment can you see anything wrong with it? Kiev Post shows biased deleting of commentating if they only want to be a propaganda outlet that supports a particular point of view they should at least be man enough to say so..not being sexist, only using an English metaphor.Like everything coming out of Ukraine nowadays it is very disappointing but then this is what happens when you allow another country or political entity to direct your own internal political affairs. Ukraine's inability to chart it's own national identity is no one 's fault except Ukraine's..time they grow a pair as a people.But then again we speak about the few who have abducted political life in Ukraine partnered by those who have been raping the countries economy for too long.If the West really stood for anything positive and were not only using Ukraine to further their argument with a resurgent Russia,they would have helped to undermine this crime against the Ukrainian people! They only support all the wrong people who will contribute nothing to Ukraine's future! All news outlets should be public companies not owned by one person who can dictate what is reported and how! What happened to The Sun in England that was hacking celebrities phones to get the scoop on news did very handily put under the spotlight the corruption involved in news reporting today.Most media outlets in the West are monopolized by corporations that pander to a particular political view..impartiality is hard to speak of generally.The Kiev Post is owned by the ISTIL group run and owned by a Pakistani businessman,Mohammad Zahoor, CEO of the ISTIL group! He is a British citizen whose company has construction interests in Ukraine.You might well ask how does he further his Ukrainian business operations,even though,it is said he seeks to downgrade his construction business in Ukraine due to the financial crisis the country finds itself in! How many average Ukrainian people know this fact and might think this is monopolizing one of the English language outlets in their country? As for Ukraine Today this is owned by Igor Kolomoysky and this speaks for itself.So corporate news outlet are owned and controlled by oligarchs of local and foreign origin! Anyone wonder why their view supports a particular agenda.In any information war you control the information so that you can control perception and how people think! If it is CNN it must be true..if it is Ukraine Today they must have the answers to what is going on..and this is how people are controlled for profit.In Russia Putin has taken this power away from corporate interests and their political backers..Ukraine needs to do the same!

Maybe they deleted it for lack of coherence? You need some lessons in writing. Any time your comments are more than two sentences long (but not only) they become unintelligible.

Kremlin trolls all over the world, but especially in The Netherlands are already denying the report

Russia always lie and cheat! Russia have no free press and no honest police, and there is no decent control of the military. Bellingcat try their best to find the true information / and they do that to such an extent that it is used by the authorities investigating the shooting of NH17. The Russian military waging war on Ukraine did this - we all know that - the evidence found by bellingcat prove the russian BUK to be in the right place to fire the missile and 1 missile was missing when it went back. Russian misinformation only works in Russia.

The fact that you want to believe this does not make it true take your hate and find another outlet for it,people like you will be put were you belong soon enough!You only propagate hate speech this is low and shows your true caliber!" rel="nofollow">

There's an article pointing out a few inconsistencies prior to Bellingcat getting involved. The Russian satellite photos amazingly have the same cloud pattern as a 2012 photo, the wrong aircraft type, and an aircraft that is the wrong size.

Note that the fighter would have shot the aircraft from behind, whereas the Russian BUK hit from the front." rel="nofollow">http://www.whathappenedtofligh...

All this shows of course is Russia lied. It is up to the reader to guess why they lied. And why they denied access to the Russian ATC data, saying it was deleted already... When protocols save every scrap of ATC data when such events transpire.

Regards error level analysis. It is perfectly valid to do, and if the results show one level of loss generally over the image from compression artifacts but show a different level in a suspect area thought to be edited in, then Occam's razor applies and it was likely edited in that region.

Also, your quotes didn't quite go so far as the author of your comment is discredited by the inventor of the technique, a well credentialed image analyst.

"On his Hacker Factor Blog the inventor of error level analysis N. Krawetz criticized both Bellingcat's use of error level analysis as "misinterpreting the results" but also on several points J. Kriese's "ignorance" regarding error level analysis."

There are enough other points to discredit the Russian photo evidence without the ELA.

You're right. Crap the Russians provided the BUK that shot down the airliner. Crap that the Russians provided dozens of crap theories ... Crap that the Russians denied responsibility, as they crappily always do. Crap the Russians tried to blame Ukraine. Crap the Russian BUK was taken out of Ukraine shortly afterwards, minus one missile. Crap they faked a photo that was so horridly badly photoshopped. Crap their theory didn't match their own crap fake photo. Crap they invaded the Donbas and had to import Russian regular soldiers because they couldn't raise more than a thousand locals. Crap the leadership were traceable Russian soldiers as they started the conflict, while crappily claiming to be Ukrainian. Crap they used the crap invasion of Crimea to justify the crap they pull in the Donbas. Crap they stole Ukraine's Crimea and want the assets. Crap they back out of deals made with Ukraine. Crap they stole Ukrainian's businesses, in Crimea, Russia, and the Donbas. Crap they pay trolls to spew crap in Saint Petersberg.

Wow, I agree with you. Russia's actions are all crap.

I wouldn't normally have agreed with you, but you're spot on. Putin is Crap. 💀💩 Deadly crap. But crap.

However, everything I wrote that you replied to has multiple sources, that are reliable. Not ones that say aliens are working with Obama, not ones that say the CIA had suicide bombers...

It is hilarious to listen to ESL trolls attempt insults in English. They're a dead give away to fake posters.

You Saint Pete boys should do some remedial reading on modern English slang, so you don't sound like you're talking via Google translate.

All my ancestors came to America via Canada. I'm part Huron, Micmac, and Cherokee. You want to speak for my people, do you??

You have so little pride in your own, you hide behind a fake Aussie identity. Who are you to talk?

Strange that this 'suddenly emerges' just as the new joint Russia/US Syrian ceasefire has been settled with the US stating its "Plan B" if the ceasefire fails. They will do anything to demonize the character of Russia in these moments of peace.
For anyone to take Bellingcat seriously, you would have to have no idea of how the world really functions. This is despicable

"suddenly" is only for those who live in the Russian fictitious world (with great understanding of the rest of the world - hahahahahahahahaha!

Bellingcat does a very good job - MH17 - the names of those operating the missile is not so interesting as the names of the offcers that send it into Ukraine. We all know Russia is responsible but who gave the orders

Concerning the fact that the insurgents do not possess any aircraft and several Ukrainian military aircraft were downed by them it's obvious who did it!
You don't carry a fishing rod when moving to the desert ...

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