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You're reading: Stalling For Time: Patience runs low as politicians deceive with backroom deals
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listening to the cheerful statements coming from Ukraine’s top officials, one
would think they live in another country.

Habit of dishonesty

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde (L) speaks during her meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Jan. 21 in Kyiv.

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Kremtroll rubbish

So disappointing. How many times will people's aspirations be betrayed criminals and Mafiosi? One set of crooks has wrested independence for their turf from another set of crooks. A real revolution seen through by honest men and women is needed.

There is no resemblance of a Gov't for the people here! This is nothing more than a multifaceted Ponzi scheme. There was talk of drawing on UN countries for talented people with expertise's to fill the void of people that are obviously missing here.

the leaders actions are playing into Putin's hands and he is smiling greatly. His hopes are high they will fail and he can walk in to take over the whole country. The President must decide to do the right thing and fully support all actions to remove corruption and build a nation. Otherwise I am afraid life will become must worst for Ukraine.

Keep the pressure on the politicians, but give them more time ! Ukraine is in a difficult situation because changing the export for EU takes time and it is diffcult and Ukraine did NOT GET ENOUGH INVESTMENT FROM THE VEST. Changing the government should be avoided because it takes a long time before a new government works well and there is not so many good politicians to take from. Porochenko is doing things in a mild but persistent way and it is not so bad. Things will be done

These people fear so much a transparent declaration of their assets, it's a standard procedure in western countries. They have chosen to be elected in order to impeach any investigation into their past undeclared income. It's time to get rid of these deceivers. I hope Ukrainians will get over with these bast...

It seems that Ukrainian politicians did not learn any lessons from Maidan or Chaushesku execution.

The only one who could turn things around at this point is Poroshenko, but he will have to prove that he is fully committed to reform......something that he has often stated, but had followed-up in a half-hearted manner. If he is (as he thinks of himself) a pivotal, historic figure in Ukrainian history, he can still become one if he invokes the authority his office commands in an all-out appeal to the Ukrainian people and asks their support against the citadels of corrupt power. No one will stand in his way against an aroused nation.

If he fails, he will be forgotten except as a footnote in the history books with the other presidents who preceded him. Ukraine, in the words of Taras Shevchenko, is still awaiting its "George Washington".

Day by day this goes from bad to worse.. The only ones who can do anything about this are the IMF and Western Powers. They need to stop making threats and simply stop the flow of money. Set out a list of law amendment demands, including going back to the original electronic voting law and demand a return to the original voting law. The actions of, first and formost, Poroshenko and Jatsenjuk are tantamount to treason. They are selling political power to the Oligarchs and lying to the Ukrainian people along with the IMF, EU and USA..

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