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You're reading: DTEK, Ukrenergo manage to stabilize power system in Luhansk region, not all consumers disconnected from power
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“A full energy collapse was threatening the Donbas due to the damage to high-tension transmission lines from armed hostilities. Two thirds of consumers in Luhansk region were disconnected from power supplies. Luhansk thermal power plant, which is part of DTEK energy holding, took the whole loading on itself, preventing the disconnection of another one third of consumers, among which are industrial enterprises with hazardous types of production. Energy workers were able to stabilize the situation, but the power transmission lines have to be restored. This will be possible only if armed hostilities in the Donbas are stopped,” reads the press release.

“At 12.30 p.m. on Saturday, July 26 due to hostilities in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, two 220 kV high-tension system-forming transmission lines belonging to Ukrenergo were damaged (another 330 kV line was damaged earlier). DTEK Luhansk thermal power plant was automatically disconnected from the Ukrainian power grid and started operating in what is called a regime of balanced loading. This means that the power supply in Luhansk region depended on DTEK Luhansk thermal power plant. DTEK and Ukrenergo workers have had to carry out the most difficult and unique switches, and regulate the regimes of operation of units that have not been applied since Soviet times and were practiced only during training to stabilize the operation of the power grid. They managed to prevent the full disconnection of the power plant,” DTEK said.

“From 12.30 p.m. to 5.32 p.m. DTEK Luhansk thermal power plant regulated the catenary frequency itself. Before the incident, all power producers of the united power grid supported the stability of the catenary frequency under orders from dispatchers. Thanks to the fact that over the past year DTEK actively modernized the power units of Luhansk thermal power plant and introduced automated systems, after 5.32 p.m. they were able to connect the thermal power plant to the national electricity grid,” the company said.

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