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You're reading: Two years too late, Lutsenko releases audio of Russian plan that Ukrainians already suspected
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Prosecutors published an audio of phone conversations of the Russian President Vladimir Putin adviser Sergei Glazyev giving the orders to Kremlin-backed Crimean leader Sergei Aksyonov on how to conduct the sham independence referendum in March 2014. Glazyev also advises Russian protest leaders on how to act during the violent protests and seizures of the administrative buildings in Odesa and Kharkiv. Glazyev also discussed payments to the protest leaders with Konstantin Zatulin, the Russian Duma lawmaker.

Ukrainian prosecutors declared 18 political and army officials of Russia as suspects in committing grave crimes against national security and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, said Lutsenko.

“Among the suspects there are the adviser (Sergei Glazyev) of Russian president, Russian Defense Minister (Sergei Shoigu) with his two deputies and 10 Russian Army generals,” said Lutsenko.

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"So you can argue all you want and fantasize"Stop playing with straw men. For 3 years you fools have been using Nuland's call as evidence of a coup. This is bogus. She is clearly surprised by Yanukovych's move and the US supports it as a means of de-escalation. So instead of acknowledging your mistake, you just retreat to more and more nebulous conspiracy positions while ignoring naked Russian aggression.Maybe Ukrainians were just fed up with a corrupt leader who was a Kremlin stooge? Did that ever occur to you? It would follow a similar pattern that has repeated throughout all of eastern and central Europe and baltics since collapse of USSR. There is no need for conspiracies. Sure US/allies support this - just like they supported all the other countries over the last 25 years.It will take Ukraine 10-20 years to transition - or longer if Russia keeps up its war of destabilization.LOL its funny you are still unwilling to acknowledge the true nature of Nuland's call. I'm surprised you haven't accused Poroshenko of working for CIA lol.

"Maybe Ukrainians were just fed up with a corrupt leader who was a Kremlin stooge?"Nope. Clearly this happened because he turned away from the West and back to Russia. The CIA then struck quickly. Same thing happened in Turkey. So they haven't done well lately, with one partial and one total failure.

"turned away from the West" - Oh sure - that too. He was universally acknowledged as corrupt, and the final straw was going back on his promise of closer integration with EU."The CIA then struck quickly."Dude you are ridiculous. Yanukovych reversed his EU association decision on 11/21 and grass roots Maidan protests began THAT SAME DAY.You have a hollywood view of the superman CIA 'striking quickly.' The maidan protesters represented all walks of life and they were peaceful until Yanukovych violently cracked down on them.Sorry you are not credible and in fact a sad and paranoid conspiricist. I am not at all suggesting that the US is not a neocon marxist hegemon bent on world domination - nay the whole solar system! - but in Ukraine its much simpler: JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN EASTERN AND CENTRAL EUROPE AND THE BALTICS, THEY ASPIRED TO A MORE LIBERAL POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC ORDER BASED ON RULE OF LAW (however marxist and imperfect).Putin lied from the beginning. He is lying now. You are lying too. Whatevs.

It is quite hilarious listening to the FSB stooges continued claims of a coup. A coup?? A corrupt puppet fled to Russia and the Ukrainian parliament voted goodbye to bad rubbish. Tochno.

Then, the Ukrainian people voted for a replacement in a fair and free election.

The audio has been around and reported on from the beginning. The fact that they've put it together in a theatric form was poorly done. It would have been much better if done in documentary form, with some dry speaking official narrating, noting the time and date of each call.

Well, the Ukrainian prosecutor has tapes of these conversations, more than two years after the fact. How likely is this? And he presents cut tapes. Who in their right mind could believe this?

Perhaps there are discussions on the tapes of affairs in Ukraine that the Ukrainian government doesn't want public. Like agricultural deals with China that cut the legs out from under Russian ones. Maybe only the relevant parts are publicly presented. Maybe in court the whole recording would come out. Think Putin will stand at the Hague? What is clear, cut or not, is that Putin violated the UN charter ... and the Budapest Memorandum, and more...

Gunnar, politics is a dirty business and geopolitics is an even dirtier business.

Knowing the technical capacities of many governments and certainly of the American, British and Russian governments, I'm fairly certain that tapes of certain conversations existed for a long time and that most probably even from conversations in Ukraine that even happened before day 1 of the Maidan (cfr. what was already brought to light by Wikileaks in other cases. If Wikileaks finds stuff that proves generalised spying by certain government agencies on friend and foe alike it would be a case of gross negligence by those same agencies if they wouldn't have spied on Ukraine. The Russians certainly did in the case of Nuland... Spying is as old as mankind).

Why didn't the Ukrainians use them before? Maybe they got them only recently as Konstantin Zatulin implies (by the way Zatulin openly states that he was, as a member of the Duma, meddling in the affairs of Ukraine in February 2014...). Of maybe the Ukrainian government possessed those tapes from the very beginning, but the total content is so explosive that it cannot and will not publish them or give full access to them to the press and to the public.

I can easily imagine that certain people changed sides during the Maidan and that for political reasons their names must be protected. Etc..., etc...

With hindsight in 10 or 15 years or even later historians will be able to patch together the history if this sorry affair.

In this case I side with what Andreas Umland says and with what Taras Berezovets declares.

The reasons why Ukraine isn't more transparant are open for discussion. International courts and historians will have a field day in the future...

We heard the tapes of Victoria Nuland picking the next government, and everything stems from that--the coup, the war, the annexation.

This is ridiculous that almost 3 years later you don't have a clue.

Yanukovych offered PM and Deputy PM positions to Yats and Klitschko in late January 2014. This was covered by all news outlets including Russian.

Nuland is discussing this. It was a surprise. The US supported Yanukovych's move. How is supporting Yanukovych's offer evidence of a coup against Yanukovych?


I understand that from your point of view Victoria Nulland is so tough that she alone (or together with Payett) may easily organise coup in Ukraine just to irritate Russia while Russia is not able to protect Ukraine from the USA, Russia could only destroy Donbass and kill its russian-speaking residents as response to the Victoria Nulland's plot.

Then we'd better stay with strong Nuland that could do everethyng she wants (and she doesn't want anything bad:)) and not with weak Russia

I said Nuland and her pals engineered the coup. And her pals are the CIA and traitors inside Ukraine who were bought with money and promises of power. Today Ukraine is a CIA asset that has even less independence than ever. Are you proud of that?

This is silly Russian propaganda. Just like all of eastern and central Europe and Baltics, Ukraine wanted to orient towards a more prosperous model in Europe - political, social, and economic. There is no conspiracy. Russia could not tolerate this so it is making war in Ukraine to keep it unstable and unsuccessful. If Ukraine, a founding member of the USSR and core pillar of the Kremlin empire were to escape orbit, it would threaten the Russian Federation with disintegration.The Kremlin is brutal and cynical.

The coup has all the earmarks of a CIA operation, and happened for the same reason as in Turkey. The government of Ukraine was turning back to Russia when, bang, it was removed. In Turkey, Erdogan began making nice with Putin, and the same thing happened, though unsuccessfully. This is pure neocon, a group of criminal ideologues who didn't give up power in 2009. Cheney and Hayden began using the NSA in 2002 to get dirt on everyone in the US power structure, including Obama, and thus with all that blackmail material, foreign policy didn't change when Obama took office. Core to the neocon policy is a Marxist-like belief in world domination, and the Wolfowitz Doctrine is a (somewhat sanitized) plan of how to go about it. The central tenet is that no competitor of the US can be allowed to gain any influence, either globally or even regionally. And thus this administration is going ballistic over sand islands in the South China sea, over Russia moving into Syria to fight Obama's terrorist army, and over Erdogan making that almost fatal move. Putin was asleep through the destruction of Libya in the name of protecting civilians, but he's awake now, as is China. Putin is most likely supporting Trump because he realizes that Hillary is a neocon at heart (Obama wasn't) so things will just get worse with her in office. And the neocons who had infested Obama's administration (like Nuland) will be front and center.

That's all wonderful, except I just debunked your Nuland phone call BS. Are you mature enough to digest this? Nuland was not planning a coup against Yanukovych. She was supporting his move to defuse situation by bringing Yats and Klitschko into government.I'm sure the US is an awful place with awful neocon marxists bent on world domination, but in any case, your claim that Nuland's call is evidence of US coup is stupid and debunked before it was even uttered. Do you understand any of this?

Obama himself said that the US had brokered a deal to "transition power" before Yanukovych fled, so there is no doubt that democracy was kaput in Ukraine and the US was calling the shots and picking the leaders.

You have been claiming for 3 years that Nuland's call is evidence of a coup. It took me 3 seconds to evaporate this nonsense. Of course we can keep jumping down new conspiricist rabbit holes, but let's come back to reality for a moment.Do you acknowledge that the oft cited 'Nuland' call was referencing Yanukovych's offer to bring opposition into HIS government, and that Nuland and USA supported this???If you cannot acknowledge basic facts, then what point is there to indulge in fantasies?

That is your fantasy.

What is my fantasy? Are you really unaware that Yanukovych offered PM to Yats and Deputy PM to Klitschko???Well gosh it was done in secret... But somehow every news outlet covered it except for the ones you read lol..." rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow"> are a sad case. Are you really so insecure and immature that you cannot accept basic facts?

When Yanukovych turned away from the EU in November of 2013 and back toward Russia, the conspiracy put pressure on him by increasing the unrest. As Obama admitted, the US then tried to broker a power shift with opposition figures apparently handpicked by neocons like Nuland and others, but that fell through for unknown reasons. Nuland, for her part, was filmed out on the streets handing out bread in a gesture that seems inexplicable (as if Ukraine were a third world country where bread was a rarity, or like decades ago when she threw seeds into the dirt for Ukrainian children to eat).

The main issue was clearly that Yanukovych had turned to Russia, which was unacceptable to the US and resulted in increased destabilization. The CIA destabilizing countries to obtain a servile government is an all too common practice. In Iran they dropped $400 million into the green movement; in Syria, they spent a billion a year training ten thousand fighters for insertion into the country; in Ukraine they spent $5.1 billion over many years, but it is not known where all that money went, or for what (unless you know what "governing justly and democratically" and "investing in people" means--$1.2 billion combined). The ultimate toppling only required a few snipers atop a building, and that wouldn’t have costed much. A coup de grace for Ukrainian democracy.

Shortly after the coup, the CIA’s director John Brennan arrived in Kiev to take a victory lap. When this was discovered, he said to the press, “We here at the CIA can work with our partners in Ukraine and other areas to give them the information, the capabilities that they need in order to bring security and stability back to their country.” And these partners obviously included the same people picked by Nuland to run the country, and the security and stability was what he had taken away to begin with.

Who is "we" in your sentence? The voices in your head? Victoria Nuland made Putler invade and annex part of Ukraine?Please get some help and stop using your parents' computer.

Victoria Nuland and her pals engineered the coup, so that was the initial crime. And those in Ukraine who participated are traitors.

Nuland voiced a preference in new leadership, after Maidan was started. They voiced who they would support. They didn't supply provocateurs (Like the GRU and FSB agents) nor arms (like the GRU and FSB agents) nor have direct influence on Yankovich to escalate the use of force (like the GRU and FSB agents, and Sad Vlad the Mad himself) ...Nuland's call was internal US politics, and who they would support it was not in any way a coup, junta, or crime. And as you can see from the US support when Putin slowly took Crimea, and the US said "don't do that Putin", "Back down Putin", "Bad Vlad, Bad Vlad the Mad, Sad Vlad the Mad is very very Bad" (paraphrasing the escalation) ... US support of Ukraine was pretty ineffective.Ukraine had a peaceful protest. Legal under Ukrainian law. And then the government escalated, the protestors escalated, massive tragedy occurred, cooler heads negotiated a settlement that included early elections 6 months or so later, Yankovich knew the jig was up and fled, coward and puppet that he is. In his absence a constitutional crisis happened as they had insufficient government to lawfully accept the impeachment, but he was impeached by the representatives elected by the people of Ukraine. Even his own party voted him out for deserting the country. So as countries will in a vacuum, they devised a means of continuity of government and then had very very early elections. The current ELECTED government is as legitimate as they come. Yankovich is guilty of dereliction of duty because he fled the country.But Sad Vlad the Mad had been planning the taking of Crimea since 2008. And the occupation of the Donbas as well since 2008. But he needed an excuse. So he had Yankovich "flee" to Russia at an opportune time.Only Putin's plan didn't consider the wider world scope. He plunged his country into economic turmoil as the world reacted and shunned Russia.Oh yes, in Crimea Putin had the Spetznaz take over the Crimean Rada (using explosives at 4 AM to breech the door, all on video on you tube) and then kept pro Ukraine members out, put a gangster in charge (The Goblin of the Salam smuggling gang) and even cast votes for absent members. That's how Russia does business.No ethnic Russian was ever persecuted in Crimea. And that is what they used to justify the invasion.The law limiting the use of Russian in Ukraine that "sparked revolution in the Donbas" was vetoed and never a law. Ukraine's interim president vetoed it. The one Russian's brand as a neo Nazi Junta (Russian's apparently don't understand that word) leader. The interim president sided with pro-Russian sentiments on language. but don't let facts get in your way.Putin invaded Ukraine and illegally annexed Crime-ea (as it now should be known) and occupies the Donbas. The fiction has been exposed that it was a local Ukrainian grassroots effort. In the Donbas the GRU Donetsk Separatist leader had to call for Russian troops when he could only raise 1000 irregulars from Ukraine. The Seprussians would have the native Ukrainians stay in camps while they did the fighting. When Ukraine pressed and gained ground the Seprussians called in more Russian troops (the Russian naval marines are seen in video of the Donetsk airport battles). When at a disadvantage Russia called for talks in Minsk so as to freeze the conflict.Russia repeated violated truces, treaties and agreements that called for Ukraine to control their borders and pledge Russia would respect them. Russia is a very very bad state actor. Time their leadership changed.

Per above, Nuland's call was in support of Yanukovych's offer to bring Yats and Klitschko into government.

CFL68, do you really expect an answer of JCDavis? I certainly don't 😉

The only coup that uccurred in Ukraine was the Russian military coup in Crimea conducted by Putin's "little green men".Putin admitted as much and even decorated the Russian special service operators involved.

Putin's lies are catching up to him, he will never escape them!!! it will be interesting to see if Merkel and Hollande will truly stand up to Putin. They have been far too easy on Putin. They want more then anything to trade with Russia, Ukraine is an after thought to both leaders. Germany once arranged with Russia to divide Europe, I believe Merkel is willing to let Putin take what he wants. Putin rewards Germany by giving BMW's to his Olympic winners.

“I won’t comment the delirium of the Nazi criminals,” Nazis are the ones who invade independent states and deliberately destabilise them. Ukraune did not attack Russia, Russia attacked Ukraine.Russia under Putin is a fascist criminal state.

This is old news but I seriously doubt that it will end in any proper prosecutions. It will more like end like any other dictatorship for Putin's Russia violently.
Let's never forget all the lies coming from the Kremlin.
Russian Media Outlets Falsely Accuse Belarusian Brothers of Brussels Attack" rel="nofollow">

This is so fake not even USA supports it. Remember, the same authorities claims it was Putin who was behind the attack in Brussels the beginning of this year." rel="nofollow">

Putin is a FSB Mafia Don, the man is pure evil who worships Stalin and Hitler. Putin will come to the same fate

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