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The colors were yellow, green and brown – made with the dyes that naturally occur in the Carpathian Mountains. The goods themselves are molded, then etched, painted and double-glazed, which made them particularly labor intensive and precious. The process resulted in pictures in which the etched elements held the shape, while the colors ran and mixed a little, quite unpredictably.

Nevertheless, the goods were durable, practical, smart and distinctive. Household items were made in that technique, from oven tiles, to jugs, to candlesticks. They were decorated with images that surrounded the artists, from simple geometric patterns to animals, people and churches the artist felt like etching on today. Locally sourced clay was originally used to produce the goods.

The new book collected hundreds of images of these amazing works, created by craftsmen in the 19th and the 20th century. The works were found in more than 20 museums in Ukraine and Poland, as well as in private collections.

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