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Russian director Sokurov’s Faust is the final part of a tetralogy looking at history and its leading characters, as well as totalitarian ideas. Loosely based on Goethe’s literary masterpiece, it sets the original characters Faust, Margaret and Mephistopheles in 19th century Europe. The film nevertheless examines some modern issues, such as totalitarianism, consumerism and the consequence of losing touch with the non-material dimension of being.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and life offers plenty of proof. Five married men have been friends for ages, and they even share a secret. There is a penthouse in the loft of one of their city’s skyscrapers where they all meet with their mistresses. Only they are in on the secret, and it seems to be the perfect deal – until one day they find a dead body of a young woman in their fashionable apartment. None of them knows the woman or how she got there. They start suspecting each other, and eventually discover they have never been frank with each other. Their friendship is now put to the test.

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