Can anyone blame Ukrainian citizens for trying to close Russian-owned banks and other companies doing business in Ukraine and for trying to disrupt trade between the two nations? We can’t. The persistence of Russia as the leading investment and trade partner to Ukraine is abhorrent as the Kremlin keeps prosecuting a war that has killed 10,000 Ukrainians and taken over Crimea and parts of the eastern Donbas.

It’s unfortunate that it has sunk to vigilantism, however, but also not unexpected since this is not a rule of law nation. It would be much better if political leaders would have realized the absurdity of doing business with the enemy long ago.

The government is belatedly catching up again to its citizens by temporarily banning trade with Russian-occupied areas in the Donbas until Kremlin-backed separatists return 43 Ukrainian companies they recently seized. The action also comes after a unilateral trade blockade announced by the Kremlin side.

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Ukraine needs to seriously consider nationalizing all Russian businesses in the nation. Putin is using these to fund his efforts. and it truly appears the West will not face Putin, so time to move a different path. At some point Putin will no longer be on this earth. it is a shame that the West is so cowardly, they will pay a much larger price soon as Putin invades the next nation. Putin will never change! just as Hitler never changed.


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