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You're reading: Ukraine, West sleeping

Such weakness is tantamount to an invitation for the Russian president, emboldened by high popularity fueled by his jingoistic and lying propaganda, to keep Crimea and to take by force southeastern Ukraine, which he claims is historically Russian land as well.

No, we are not calling for a NATO invasion or Western troops. We are calling for the West and Ukraine to stop pretending the situation is anything other than the reality: war. Western military aid should be forthcoming to help Ukraine defend itself.

Putin needs to be stopped by the Western and civilized world through isolating and crushing diplomatic and economic sanctions. His massive paranoia and insecurities, along with the immorality of his KGB mentality, mean that he will continue to be a destructive force as long as the dictator remains in power. The longer he stays, the longer he will drive up military spending that could go to better uses, were it not for the threat that Putin’s military might poses. At a minimum, the West needs to vastly ramp up the defense capabilities of Poland and the Baltic states, the most threatened of NATO allies.

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