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You're reading: ‘Journalistic sensationalism’ when reporting on commander of Nazi-led unit

I could cite hundreds of sources.
Suffice it to cite two, one an allegedly objective and certainly not
pro-Ukrainian historian from Yale University, Timothy Snyder: “The
SS-Galizien was not used for any major actions against the Jews,
because the Final Solution had already been carried out…the
SS-Galizien was marginal to the outbreak of ethnic cleansing against

In 1986 a Canadian Commission of
Inquiry on War Crimes ruled: ” The Commission of Inquiry on War
Crimes was established in February 1985 in Canada, with the purpose
of exposing and prosecuting war criminals residing in Canada. The
Simon Wiesenthal Center and other Jewish groups in Canada have
repeatedly denounced the Ukrainian Division Galicia as a perpetrator
of war crimes…Although Communist propaganda has constantly
attempted to depict these, like so many other refugees, as
“quislings” and “war criminals” it is
interesting to note that no specific charges of war crimes have been
made by the Soviet or any other government against any member of this
group….Charges of war crimes of Galicia Division have never been
substantiated, either in 1950 when they were first preferred, or in
1984 when they were renewed, or before this Commission…”
Canada and the United States were allies during World War 2, at the
time of Mr. Karkoc’s immigration and remain so today.

You may have stumbled upon criminality,
however, not that of Mr. Karkoc. He may have withheld specific
information about his whereabouts during the war at the time of
immigration. Many did. Why? Because the United States acting through
President Franklin Roosevelt, either a Stalin dupe or a Soviet
“quisling” influenced by Soviet agents in the U.S.
Department of State such as Alger Hiss, at the Yalta Conference in
February 1945 sold out to Stalin and the Soviets, agreeing to
enslave Eastern Europe and to send its refugees to their death
through repatriation. This policy resulted in the murder of millions
innocent men, women and children. The criminality is ours as
Americans. This criminality even today merits attention,
condemnation, remorse and an apology. Your readers would be better
served exploring that, rather than persecuting a 94 year old
Minnesotan whose only fault was trying to protect his loved ones.

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