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You're reading: Sidewalk parking protected by opacity

One day, on July 26 to be precise, an article titled “Pedestrians sidelined by sidewalk parking” appeared in an issue of the Kyiv Post. It piqued my curiosity again. Apparently, entire civic groups are now concerned about this escalating practice of sidewalk parking; pedestrians are reported to express their indignation. Also, from the same article, an architect from abroad openly expressed his disapproval of this situation; in May 22 the Kyiv City Council ratified a development program to create more parking spaces. Finally, I was not alone in my quest. Or so I thought…

After a close reading of that article and Googling some of its facts, names and organizations, my enthusiasm for joining this collective effort to fight sidewalk parking practice began to dissipate a little. I wanted to take a closer look at the ratified development program, referred to in the same article by Volodymyr Kozorin, the head of a pedestrian safety group. Imagine my disappointment after my numerous Google queries yielded no results (It is available online only in the Ukrainian language – Editors). Things were not quite so transparent.

Then I wanted to see what Volodymyr Kozoriv and his pedestrian safety group does. He was quoted as criticizing the above-mentioned program for “creating more parking spaces and further congesting the city, instead of making room for pedestrians.” Since all this time I’ve supported the large-scale construction of new multi-level parking facilities, I was very curious about the reasons for his concern that “the ratified program favors vehicles over pedestrians.” I also wanted to understand why “banning ownership of private parking lots” is a bad thing and why it is important? 

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