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You're reading: Yulia Tymoshenko’s appeal to opposition members of parliament

Firstly – vote unanimously for the president’s bill on the prosecutor’s office and parliamentary elections, despite them being absolutely unacceptable. We know that behind the democratic veil shown European experts hides their repressive, authoritative, and false essence. But we have to vote for them now. After Yanukovych is removed from power in 2015 we will change everything. But right now vote for everything so that we’re not left prisoners of the past forever. 

Secondly – I ask you, without discussion and wrangling, to unanimously vote for that version of the law on the treatment of prisoners abroad proposed by the Party of Regions – despite its repressiveness. Stop playing their games. Vote for any Party of Regions draft law unanimously, regardless of what is written in them. Do this for the sake of the association agreement. I know that with the bill proposed by the ruling party, rather Yanukovych himself, he will try to take me abroad in shackles during the signing of the association agreement and then after the signing return me to prison in those same shackles. That is how an end to political repression and respect for European values looks in his sick mind. I am agreeing to this publicly for the sake of the association agreement and ask that you accept from the dictator the solution to my case that Yanukovych find the courage and conscience to offer. 

Yanukovych will convince the EU to give the right for signing the agreement without meeting their criteria. Help him do this, because otherwise he will destroy our European prospects. Yanukovych has no intention of building Europe in Ukraine – he plans by signing an international agreement to legalize his dictatorship and corruption. But in the end things won’t be as he plan, because if we use this chance and make the association agreement a reality, then real values, real democracy and real competition will sweep away dictatorship from Ukraine once and forever. 

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