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You're reading: A writer’s appeal to Western friends of Ukraine

Please stop being sensationalist, and don’t be so fast at spreading rumours on “the rally in Kiev getting violent” – so far it hasn’t been the case, though, of course, preventing provocations through the night will be far more difficult than it’s been through the day.

Please be aware that what’s going on in Ukraine these days is nothing but the attempted “quiet coup”, in all likeliness coordinated from Moscow, its initiators – Mr. Andriy Kliuyev, Mr. Viktor Medvedchuk, Mr. Vitaliy Zakharchenko, Mr. Leonid Kozhara – having brought to the city an unknown number of trained gangs, to stage/provoke the violent (and good-looking on the video, too) clashes with the police – the scenario that pursues nothing but the immediate introduction of the martial law, which we don’t need, nor want (whether President Viktor Yanukovych is still in function, and what’s his part in all this, remains unclear, as after Vilnius he’s never showed up on the media!).

So far, the protesters, thank God, proved to be quite efficient at neutralizing the provocative groups (the city-dwellers more efficient than the politicians)). By your sensation-hunting, you play, without your own awareness, along the scenario of the coup spin-doctors: namely, you prepare in advance the public opinion of your countries “for the worst”. Please be VERY cautious about ANY bit of “pro-violence” information that you might get. Ukrainian civil society is now seriously tested on its maturity, and its capacity for self-organization, and the last thing we need is being manipulated over through the world media – even if in all the good will.

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