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You're reading: Alexei Bayer: Ukraine’s stake in the crazy US election


Former car wash attendant and later warlord Arsen Pavlov, better known by his nom de guerre Motorola, was recently blown up in his apartment building in Donetsk by persons unknown. Separatists naturally accuse Kyiv, even though in the past they had been known to do away with each other in various turf wars.

Nor can the possibility be dismissed that Pavlov was killed by his own people, i.e., the Russians. Although he has been called by foreign media outlets such as CNN a separatist leader, he was a Russian citizen, part of a shadowy band of Russian nationalists and military operatives who crossed into Eastern Ukraine in 2014 to foment separatism. The fact that execrable State Duma member Vitaly Milonov proposed to name a St. Petersburg school after Pavlov doesn’t absolve the Russians. First of all, many Red Army commanders, who were Motorola’s real precursors, were quietly exterminated by the Cheka once the Russian Civil War was over, had their names then given to cities, collective farms and factories. Secondly, even though at one point there were lots of Russian irregulars fighting in Eastern Ukraine, most of them have been sent home or killed – once again, by persons unknown.

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Trump may be a joke as a potential leader, however he is a very dangerous joke. the article is right on with its assessment of Russia! Russia and their leaders can never be trusted. Putin will use anything to advance his goals. Ukraine is in danger and I am sure they understand. It is sad to see Ukrainian leaders failing to deal with corruption and put the nation first. This is the best weapon against Putin! So citizens must stand strong and hold leaders accountable.

You are correct re; the majority of the current Ukrainian leaders. They act like children having to be prodded every step of the way toward a better future.


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