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You're reading: Alexei Bayer: Why does America want a Putin in the White House?

“A lot of good
things could happen with Russia if we get along with Russia,” Trump asserted in

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Great article. Here's some food for thought for those who think a Trump - Putin "deal" would be a meeting of equals.

very very very strange piece, a black hole article going nowhere.

"Trump also has no idea how the modern world works."

There are two profound mistakes in this sentence, and the whole article pivots on these two mistakes. First, the wave of Trump support is not about rejecting the "modern" world, but the "postmodern" one. Second, it does not matter that Trump does not know how the postmodern world works, because it's time is over. Trump and Le Pen in France and Pegida or the AfD in Germany represent the "post-post-modern" world. All of them may not win the elections this year or next year, but the trend is certainly going their way (and don't mistake me, I despise all of them, I just try not to fool myself). .

Unfortunately, the progressive "dumbing down" of my country over the past 30 years has resulted in half of the population looking at politics as no more than just another "reality TV show". The most outrageous gets the most attention.

Also, a significant percentage of the Republican Party simply wants to say "Screw you!" to what they see as "the party establishment" and voting for Donald Trump is the easiest way to do that, consequences be damned. But there many, many sensible Republicans who will NEVER vote for Donald Trump in a general election ... including me.

If the Democrats are smart and nominate Hillary Clinton, then Ukraine can breathe easy. Donald Trump is an opposition researchers dream and his negative ratings among the general public are very high. Clinton would beat him fairly easily and she would not sell out Ukraine to Putin.

But if the Democrats engage in their own idiocy and nominate Bernie Sanders, who is a committed socialist and weak-kneed pacifist with one foot in Fairy Land, then both Ukraine and the rest of Europe have very good reason to be very worried.

But there is still a chance that Trump might be stopped in the primaries. If Jeb Bush and John Kasich drop out, then the moderate wing of the Republican Party would coalesce behind Marco Rubio. If that happens soon enough, Trump could still be derailed.

Sanders can't win a general election and the Dems know that; he'll lose Texas and other important states on Super Tuesday, and the end result will be a Clinton nomination. Clinton v. Rubio is possible, and may the better man win. But Clinton v. Trump will end with a Clinton win in a general election. The fact is that Trump has staunch support with only about half of hardcore conservatives (shocking, by the way…); but he has much less when looking at all conservatives. He cannot win a general election by swinging minority voters, moderates, and disaffected democrats. The math is not there if he faces Clinton.

Gryzelda Wrr, III RP

I'm afraid that the dumbing down process is a global challenge 🙂 It seems we are facing a revolution of idiots everywhere.

if i was american i will vote for a republican But this election if Trump wins as the republican presidential nominee then i will have voted for the democrats and Hillary Clinton, even if a despise her and have always despised her i will still in this case vote for her as she is better than Trump ...

BUT THE ABSOLUTE WORST thing for the world is if Bernie Sanders wins as he will get totally manhandled by Putin Bernie Sanders is a naiv Paris Hilton handbag dog (Pug Dog) at best a weakling stupid little poodle and Putin is a rabies infected pitbull war dog with blood dripping down from on his K9 tooth !!

I just hope that Republican Party would coalesce behind Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz then the world will have a chance to fight and get USA back in the game of leadership..

Tim, don't worry about Sanders, he cannot win a general election in the US. It will either be Hillary, Cruz, or Trump (God forbid).

Hillary Clinton is, I think, still the odds-on favorite to be the next president of the US. She won both South Carolina and Nevada yesterday and seems to have blunted Bernie Sanders' momentum.
Rubio would be the strongest remaining candidate to face her in the general election. But if Donald Trump doesn't win the nomination, I think it's 90% likely that he will, in a fit of childish pique, claim that the Republican Party "didn't treat me fairly" and run as an independent. That will draw votes away from Rubio or Cruz and hand the election to Clinton.

She did no win South Carolina. It's not till next Sat.

Hillary will win Super Tuesday and it we will hear much less about Mr Sanders. Your analysis is sound

The Democrats have their South Carolina primary on Saturday February 27. The Republicans had theirs yesterday while the Democrats had their Nevada caucus which Hilary won 53% to 47% for Sanders.

you are probably correct but we will see I just hope no Trump and no sanders Anyone else can win it for my as long as NO Trump and NO sanders wins...

I hope for a republican but if no let it be Hillary Clinton i can live with that dont like it but can live with it..

Clinton won South Carolina??? Where do you get your news from?

it was an error

As long as the republicans keep nominating idiots like Trump or Rubio they will not get the vote of the minorities and without those votes they cannot win.
The race for the white house is between Bernie and Billary and Billary seems to be loosing because her lies are catching up to her.

The Republicans have not nominated anyone yet. Your comment on Rubio shows marked misunderstanding of minority voters in the US. The rest of what you say is incoherent. The best thing for you to do is to relax and enjoy a nice borscht and some vodka, while we Americans discuss this and (hopefully) elect a reasonable next president.

Yeah, right. Nice prediction, troll. She sure lost last night didn't she?
Just stick to regurgitating Kremlin propaganda. It's what you do best.

Let's just see what the FBI's investigation of her says

If you think that Marcio Rubio is a moderate, I certainly think that you are not a moderate.

I think he's relatively moderate compared with the rest of the GOP field. He has to give lip service to the Bible-thumpers, but he's certainly not a raving right-wing loon like Ted Cruz.

Ronald Reagan would be far too moderate to be considered in the politics of the current GOP. The term is not currently very useful.

If Hillary gets in, she will continue where Obama left off in terms of Ukraine policy; i.e. all talk no action. Rubio does at least have a clear plan for dealing with Putin outlined on his website. Trump would be a disaster, as would soapy Sanders.

Agree…. But Clinton might be better than Obama. There is a split in the Obama White House on Ukraine policy which pitts Obama and Susan Rice against…. everyone else. How could it possibly have been worse than Obama, frankly? Obama has been a shockingly absent and weak president in foreign affairs.

Rubio is a traditional conservative, and would have a far better policy for Ukraine and Eastern European security concerns.

I don't agree with that. I think that Hillary, unlike Obama, has got some actual backbone. Plus she's extremely experienced and engaged in foreign affairs. I think she understands what Putin really is and the danger he represents.

Of the remaining top-tier candidates, Rubio would be the best for Ukraine. But Hillary would be an improvement over Obama. .

Well, definitely she's got Putler's number and would be an improvement on Obama. But while she has spoken the appropriate words of condemnation concerning the Russian occupation of Crimea and Donbas, she never even recommended the provision of lethal defensive weapons to deter the aggressor, which itself falls far short of the minimal requirements for meeting the terms of the Budapest Memorandum. Only Rubio has offered a response that is in accordance with it.


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