I kept my expectations very low. But I was still
shocked with the extent of cronyism and illegitimacy of government. The
executive branch of power usurped other two branches of power. The Constitution
does not mean anything anymore.

 The Party of Regions and their puppets, including the
Socialists, the Communists, and 25 other parties make amendments to the Constitution
without calling for a national referendum. The number of politically-motivated
prosecutions is skyrocketing reaching its peak with a physical abuse of the former Prime Minister
Yulia Tymoshenko

What has happened to Tymoshenko must send shivers down the spine of everyone
who is a firm believer in human rights. The physical abuse of political inmate
# 1, the unmasked violence against the queen of the political opposition, and
the blatant use of the prison guards’ knuckles against the body of the
Ukrainian woman draws a line between two stages of political life in Ukraine:
one, with weak human rights and, two, without human rights. The second stage
started on the same day when the pictures of Tymoshenko’s bruised body were

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