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You're reading: Bate C. Toms: Some recommendations for immediate, fundamental change that Ukraine deserves

Fair Election Commissions. Ukraine’s
election commissions should be reformed so that they are just and transparent,
to begin with by allowing all significant political parties to fairly
participate (e.g. those receiving three per cent. or more of the vote for the
jurisdiction involved). Fair and honest elections are fundamental for a
democracy. During a transitional period, there might be international
participation from the EU or another suitable international body to help
supervise and audit the conduct of elections. Outside supervision and auditing,
as an initial, temporary step, seems justified, since so many fraudulent
election practices have been used in the past in Ukraine. 

Outside Audits of the Ukrainian Government. The
state budgets, at all levels of Ukrainian government, including the actual use
of funds, need to be audited by outside accounting firms of impeccable
reputation that cannot be influenced by domestic politics. (Initially, in an
effort to enhance confidence in government, the major international accounting
firms might be involved for such audits.) The auditor should be periodically
changed, so that the work of each auditor can be checked by the subsequent
auditor. The adoption of computer based systems for all government activities
(“E-Government”) can simplify this task and make government much more
transparent to avoid corruption. 

Provide for Freedom of Information. All
court rulings and administrative decisions should be published, as well as most
other information on government activities (including as discovered in the
outside audits), as is done under the US Freedom of Information Act. Such
publication of decisions and access to information is also needed to help
citizens prepare complaints to the Maidan Council Ombudsman where abuse is
suspected. With the use of modern E-Government, such information can easily be
tracked and put online. 

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