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You're reading: Believe in yourself and believe in us!

Yesterday they arrested another nine. One of them is a journalist the other is the father of three children. Some of them were brutally dragged from the hospital and were unconscious during their show trial. The trial of these innocent people was held at night like under Stalin. Now all that’s left, like then, is to shoot them in their cells through the opening in the chamber door. If today we don’t remove Yanukovych from power, this is how they will treat our kids for decades to come.  

The imprisonment of innocent and peaceful patriots of Ukraine, brutally beaten by Berkut, as all of Ukraine and the democratic world waits for those responsible for the bloody attack on our children to be brought to justice, while millions of angry Ukrainians are on the streets demanding Yanukovych’s resignation, while the foreign ministers of the OSCE gather in Kyiv, is a challenge that Yanukovych is throwing at Ukraine and the entire democratic world.  By arresting innocent people that were beaten he is directly saying that he doesn’t care what happens to them and that he will continue to beat, kill and jail those standing in the way of his absolute rule. He’s not hiding the fact that he has chosen the path of dictatorship – he’s saying this frankly to the whole world. He’s shouting to all our faces that we are nobody, that we are a mass that he’s not interested in and plans to ignore. He’s telling the democratic world that he’s a tyrant and if the democratic world wants to work with Ukraine, they have to accept him the way he is because he doesn’t plan to change.  A new Stalin is being born in Ukraine, and if we, together with the democratic world, don’t stop him now, we’ll have another North Korea.    

I am urging everyone who can fight to fight! It’s not too late. Talk on the streets isn’t enough. The people of Ukraine need to urgently take power into their own hands and not make sweet talk with a dictator. All actions must be coordinated with the opposition: it has been given a difficult mission and it must be listened to in order to prevent bloodshed. Our protest is peaceful and legitimate. It should become victorious and I’m sure of this. I have suggested to the leaders of the opposition a concrete plan of action and I hope they can follow it.

I ask everyone ready to fight to feel your strength and believe in it! Our strength is growing every day. Believe in it! Believe in yourself!  Please, feel all the meanness and real weakness of those two or three individuals that have made your life miserable and go forward. Win now or be prepared for absolute dictatorship for years to come.

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