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You're reading: Bob McConnell: US has deporable legacy regarding Ukraine

 -Recognizing the USSR while Stalin manipulated an artificial famine on Ukraine that killed (by starvation) millions.

– Operation Keelhaul – At the end of World War II, there were approximately 5 million refugees and others from the USSR to be found in Western Europe.  As part of secret protocol of the Yalta Conference the United States and Britain agreed to return all Soviet “citizens” who found themselves in their zones to the Soviet Union. This immediately affected liberated Soviet prisoners of war, 3 million who had been put into forced labor by the Nazis and a huge number of Eastern European refugees trying to escape the Soviet Union.  Many were Ukrainians and the fate of the millions returned ranged narrowly from being transported to very remote regions of the USSR, to the Gulags, to death with many killed within hours (and less) of arrival back in the USSR.

– Chornobyl (the Ukrainian spelling) – to too great an extent we allowed Mikheil Gorbachev to manipulate the reality of Chornobyl after his three weeks of denials. We accepted the bogus fiction that medical aid needed to be delivered to Moscow when none aid was allowed to reach Ukraine for months, if not a full year.  We knew what was going on but we played along.

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