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You're reading: Constitution to Order

By allowing the next the Kyiv city council and mayoral elections
to be held in October 2015, well after the presidential elections, the Constitutional
Court reversed
its own previous decision. Ihor Koliushko, head of the Institute for Political
and Legal Research is
this will only affect regular elections. Since Kyiv has been
without a mayor for over a year, and the constitutionally stipulated term in
office for deputies has now ended, extra elections must still be called. All
doubtless true, but since the constitutional submission was made by lawmakers
from the ruling Party of the Regions after they stymied all parliamentary attempts
to schedule the Kyiv elections, it is safe to assume that the will to call such
elections is missing.

The reason scarcely needs to be spelled out. Kyiv has been without
a mayor for almost a year, and even earlier Leonid Chernovetsky saw his mayoral
powers seriously reduced in late 2010, when President Viktor Yanukovych
appointed Oleksandr Popov as head of the Kyiv City State Administration. Popov
is very much Yanukovych’s man and highly unpopular in Kyiv. Any honestly run elections
would almost certainly bring results unfavourable to the Party of the Regions and
to president in the run-up to and during the presidential elections in early

The Constitutional Court deputy head, Serhiy Vinokurov explained the decision by
asserting that having all the elections at the same time ensured “stability in
the formation of representative bodies.” Nowhere in the constitution is it stipulated
that all elections should take place at the same time.

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