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You're reading: Equal rights are not just about gays

 The Communist Party and Svoboda, a Ukrainian nationalist party, are among the groups that expressed strong opposition to a parade or any other public expression for gay rights.  It is an understatement to note that Communists and Svoboda members have a very low regard for one another.  Hence, when the persecutors dispense with gay and lesbian Ukrainians then they’ll turn on one another.  The loser will become the new persecuted.

It’s worth pointing out the obvious.  “Svoboda” means freedom.  But freedom for whom?  Once freedom becomes selective or withheld then it no longer exists.  Only those who have power will decide who has freedom.  Social and political freedom in the purest sense means no one needs to worry about who is in power.
If the rights of one group are not protected then no one’s rights are safe.  Although it is factually and medically incorrect to state that homosexuality is a mental illness as numerous medical societies throughout the world have pointed out, there is a failure to understand that a democratic government must ensure the rights of all its citizens.  Otherwise its democratic values are weak.  
Great nations prosper because of diversity.  The United States, for example, has the benefit of every race, religion, ethnic group, and political perspective within its borders.  New York City is the crossroads of the world that draws its strength, vitality, and resilience from its many races, faiths, and cultures.  It has a thriving gay and lesbian community that is considered a natural part of the social fabric in one of the world’s great cities.
In New York, people of very different backgrounds live together in relative harmony.  It is a place where respect, though not necessarily agreement, is a foundation to the city’s greatness.  Those who are quick to pass judgment on Ukraine’s gay and lesbian citizens, who incidentally also pay taxes, should remember that someone may persecute them next.

Think about Ukraine’s current political situation in the parliament.  Political power at some point will shift.  Power is built on sand.  It may take time, but it will shift.  Those in power today should remember that tomorrow they may not be in charge.  Hence, showing respect to the political party not in power today will hopefully be returned when the government changes hands.  And it will change hands at some point.  

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