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quotes such as “нації вмирають не
від інфаркту спочатку в них відбирають мову” (Nations
do not die from a heart stroke – at first they are deprived of their language)
while undoubtedly lyrical, are devoid of any testability beyond iambic
pentameter. The purpose of this article is to expose the ubiquitous lack of
reasoning behind the most popular arguments put forward for not allowing
Russian language any legally recognized status.

We often
hear: “The name of the country is Ukraine, hence the only legal language must
be Ukrainian.” The frequency with which it is said (even by people with higher
education) is peculiar in its own right, because a 15 second look at the world
map will reveal plenty of independent countries for which this presumed axiom
does not hold: from Austria to Australia to Aruba to Argentina to Belgium to
Brazil to Belize to Bosnia and this is just an (incomplete) list of countries
starting with letters “A” and “B…”

platitude deserving attention is: “The state language is Ukrainian, it is what
it is – deal with it.” Sucha quaint example of circular logic rests on the
notion that a state language is as impervious to changes as the Laws of
Thermodynamics. Closer look at even most recent world history will reveal that
this process is indeed very possible without altering Earth’s gravity.

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