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You're reading: Myroslava Gongadze: Ukraine’s government will not listen, so time to take action is now

 Ukrainians who went to the streets to
defend their rights and freedoms did not come to fight. Standing peacefully on
the frozen Miydan for two months, they hoped that their governm

ent would hear
them. It did not happen, and they revolted against their entire political
system, which is based on mis-governance, rent-seeking and corruption. This
system was established two decades ago and the Orange Revolution failed to
dismantle it. Today neither the opposition nor the President seem to be in
control of the situation. The craziest scenario for Ukraine just several months
ago now becomes increasingly realistic – Western and Central Ukraine under the
nationalist-democratic alliance, Donbas and the South ruled by Yanukovych and
the Party of Regions and Crimea falling into Putin’s hands. This is the price
of continued violence in the Ukrainian capital.Today the future of Ukraine, and
I believe the region, is being decided on the streets. No matter the outcome,
these protests mean the end of Ukraine as we know it – a misgoverned and
corrupt country trying to position itself between the EU and Russia.

 The state of Ukraine is very fragile.
I do not see how the president can hold onto power  for more then a few months.  In the current state of the uprising, the
only political solution can be his resignation. After hundreds of injuries,
five deaths, and many kidnappings and torturings, Ukrainians will not except
any less. He has few choices today: resign or face the chance of being arrested
and possibly executed. I am led to believe this by daily communications with
hundreds of Ukrainians on social media, who put their trust in me and are
begging for help. I can tell you they are not planning to give up their fight.
They are planning to win even if that means guerrilla war or death.

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