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You're reading: Oksana Bashuk Hepburn: Putin must be stopped

This week, their passive resistance brought them victory against the same invader in
Crimea. Unprovoked, Putin
declared war on Ukraine March 1, two days after his troops had already arrived.

He moved planes, helicopters, military
vessels and trucks full of special forces and military personnel hoping to
bring about capitulation.  It did not
happen.  Ukraine’s forces in Crimea did
not rise to the bait.  They did not
precipitate a defensive response, a battle Putin would have liked to
have had. It would have provided him
with a cover to attack Ukraine on the pretext of defending the Russian

The scenario failed. Despite
the blockage of Ukraine’s naval base and two naval ships; despite a
self-proclaimed puppet acting on Russia’s orders in Crimea’s parliament;
despite “Russians” with newly issued passports and parachuted “tourists” from
Russia “demanding” protection, the Ukrainian side stayed calm and
prevailed. Putin recalled his soldiers
back to the Russian base and halted war games on Ukraine’s boarder claiming, at
the same time that he has no control over “self-defense” volunteers.”

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