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You're reading: Oleg Sukhov: Reformer and anti-reformer of the week

Sytnik’s bureau arrested an official in charge of spending funds that Ukraine received under the Kyoto Protocol. He is suspected of embezzling Hr 480 million.

Pavlo Vovk, chairman of Kyiv’s Administrative District Court, has been filmed meeting with lawmaker Oleksandr Hranovsky, a key ally of President Petro Poroshenko, according to a Radio Liberty investigation released last week.

The investigation provides evidence for reports that Hranovsky is interfering with the judicial and prosecutorial system on behalf of Poroshenko and Ihor Kononenko, the president’s “grey cardinal.”

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this vovk is one sick puppy

"Hranovsky and another ally of President Petro Poroshenko, Ihor Kononenko, have been accused of participating in the corruption scheme. They deny the accusations."

The west must take action against these corrupt people. Adding them to the sanctions list and seizing their overseas assets would be a really good idea

"The bureau has also been investigating alleged links between Olga Tkachenko, an executive of the Odesa Portside Plant and an ex-aide to lawmaker Oleksandr Hranovsky, and a suspected corruption scheme at the plant. However, a Kyiv court has blocked the bureau from accessing Tkachenko’s Viber messages."

Of course it has - the court system in Ukraine is riddled with corruption, and judges can always be found to help corrupt oligarchs like Hranovsky and Kononenko.

But all kudos to Artem Sytnyk, who appears to genuinely committed to reforming the system in Ukraine!


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