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You're reading: Olga Rudenko: Moment of truth arrives for Poroshenko

For Poroshenko, last week started as a disaster: His offshore schemes were made public through the Panama Papers leak. The disclosure of his British Virgin Islands holding company for his Roshen confectionery came through leaks rather than any detailed public explanation from the president beforehand.

The April 3 revelations instantly reminded Ukrainians of at least three of Poroshenko’s failings in nearly two years as president:

1. He is not as honest as he pretends to be;

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An excellent article, Olga, congratulations. It hits so many nails, bang on.

But I suggest one thing needs revising, being the idea that Groysman is just a puppet for Poroshenko. It is now reported that Groysman demanded that he be allowed to choose a number of reformers in his cabinet, and when this was refused by Poroshenko (no doubt on the urgings of "grey cardinals" like Kononenko), Groysman refused to accept the prime-ministership.

If those reports are accurate, then Groysman is not nearly as much of a Yes Man to Poroshenko as many have assumed.

Frederick C. Lee

Poroshenko is not a Yanukovych; nor are the Ukrainian people the same as yesteryear.

Ukraine is in its 2nd year of war with Russia, the Panama Papers are being published, Ukraine has Saakashvili raising a stink. In short, Ukraine has matured quite a bit from yesteryear; and is in the world's limelight. I'm optimistic that a positive rebirth is near; albeit it's a frustrating-slow catharsis.

I believe Ukraine will be stronger once most of these parasites are finally douched.

I share your optimism, but it is still disappointing to see this going on. Lets hope this dip will be followed but a bigger upswing.

Very good point.

Those trying to preserve Soviet corruption in Ukraine have been there all along, so it is a positive sign that they are now being forced to come into the open to try to stop reforms. But of course, that is only the case if they are now dealt with.

Poroshenko is on the downward slope now.

"He is not as honest as he pretends to be."

Translated as: he often lies, exaggerates and makes baseless promises.

2 revolutions tried, look at the results. It's probably time to accept that things will have to change gradually in the country, and work with any partners that will accept them. Rebuild the country, and focus on the potential in 10 years time of lowering corruption.

In many Arabic countries they have tried to overturn corrupt governments, and it's left a power vacuum that has frankly harmed the country far more than any corrupt dictator ever could.

Be careful what you wish for. I don't think Libyans, Tunisians, or even Egyptians ever planned or expected how badly things have turned out.

There have been some very good results so far. That is why this is being forced out into the open. No reason to stop moving ahead now.

but should we deny people anywhere in the world their right to protest to have better lives? I do not think so!

Well said! Poroshenko has displayed all the hunger for power and greed for money that was supposed to stop after Maidan. There is still nothing to stop all the old crowd with their maws in the trough. We need a serious revolution, not a pussy-footing "Maidan"!

Told you so.

No you didn't. This is in many ways the opposite of what you have said.

The important thing is that there are still many in power in Ukraine who wish to retain Ukraine's heritage of Soviet corruption. They have to be weeded out so that Ukraine can be truly free of what it inherited from decades of Moscow rule.

Ukraine is still in much better shape than your dung heap of a country, troll. At least Ukraine is moving forward, albeit in fits and starts, not regressing back to the days of Stalin.


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