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You're reading: Paradise lost…

That same “Freedom of Speech” applies to
the press, et al, or media as we call them today.  I can tell you, I have made some rather
disparaging remarks about the quality of media news people and their
methodologies in gathering and reporting stories.  There is, however, on thing I will never
relinquish; my belief in their right to do so openly and freely whether I like
their methods or attitudes, or not.

As an American expatriate now living in
Ukraine some seven years, there has been, and continues to be a newspaper which
emulates the American “free speech” ideal. That newspaper is the Kyiv
Post.  I have long enjoyed its forthright
reporting and balanced journalistic approach to some incredibly sensitive and
problematic situations.  The staff does
not bow before the administration and its minions of madness who want nothing
more than to silence them, if not turn them into “loyal subjects” like so many
of the other less ethical publications in the city.  My expatriated friends all enjoy and look
forward to every week’s issue.  We know
the stories will be legitimate, in-depth, accurate, balanced with facts and
most of all; honest.

Now we are faced with a serious issue; the
loss of this exceptional news vehicle. I have been privileged to write articles
for the paper, but I don’t write today for myself. Today, I write for the paper
and the people, the English speaking populace of Kyiv which has come to depend
on Kyiv Post for the information we all can read  and understand, the insights on life, and the
facts about what is happening with the government, politics, business, the
European Union and the world.  The loss
of this ability to me is unthinkable.  To
me, it would be like “Paradise Lost,” an inestimable loss which could scarcely
be replaced, if ever.

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