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You're reading: Paul Niland: Living up to Budapest

The failure of the Budapest Memorandum is a very serious matter that the incoming administration of Donald Trump and his team, notably Rex Tillerson, top pick for the Secretary of State position, and others like future White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus, should pay heed to.

The commitments the United States and United Kingdom gave to Ukraine required action following Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula and fomenting of a war in eastern Ukraine. But the Obama Administration, in imposing sanctions on Russia in response, did the very minimum that the United States was duty bound to do.

Ukraine signed an agreement to rid itself of nuclear weapons 22 years ago. The signing ceremony of the agreement took place in the Hungarian capital Budapest on Dec. 5, 1994, three years and a few days after Ukrainian citizens voted overwhelmingly to affirm the Ukrainian parliament’s declaration of independence, as the Soviet Union had ceased to exist.

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The UK and USA have acted shamefully toward Ukraine watching while Putin destroys at will what he wants. the world not knows that this agreement is meaningless and that countries only way to secure their future lays in building a nuclear weapon program to protect them from invasion by other nations. Russia has never been a peaceful nation, only too willing to invade and destroy, there are no history of building nations in the Russian past. The Russian way has always been to subjugate others and force anyone who does not agree out or kill them or jail them. People go missing in the middle of the night, standard Russian government method to remove anyone who opposes them. I am afraid Trump will be only too willing to agree and help Putin achieve his goals. Trump is only interested in Trump, it is what he can steal from his own people that he is looking forward to! A dangerous man!!! Trump and Putin, like twins!


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