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You're reading: Protecting the president’s patch

On April 11 and
12, two Democratic Alliance activists were jailed for their part in
an entirely peaceful protest which the Vyshhorod District Court deemed

precisely over two protests since Maxim Panov was sentenced on April 11
to seven
days imprisonment over the initial gathering on April 11. Vasyl Hatsko
was one of the activists who
arrived at the court on April 12 to protest against this move. Three
others were also detained.  The five-day jail sentence was presumably
because Hatsko had already been fined for his part in the peaceful
protest on April 10.  The court, we are supposed to
understand, showed lenience in passing sentence given that Hatsko has two

On April
11, four Democratic Alliance activists and a TVi film crew had gone to the village
of Novi Petrivtsi near Yanukovych’s sumptuous and highly controversial estate, Mezhyhirya. 
The Democratic Alliance had announced plans to hold a protest against what
they see as the pillaging of public funding earmarked for improving roads by
the head of the relevant body. It is the president who appoints this person and
the post is in fact now vacant since Volodymyr Demishkan, a close associate of Viktor Yanukovych, became a
 Party of the Regions member of parliament last year.

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