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You're reading: Vitaliy Kasko: ‘Lawlessness, not the law, rules here’

To Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin:

I’m asking you to accept my resignation from my job and from the prosecutorial system.

This desire is based on the fact that the current leadership of the prosecutor’s office has once and for all turned it into a body where corruption dominates, and corrupt schemes are covered up. Any attempts to change this situation at the prosecutor’s office are immediately and demonstratively persecuted.

Lawlessness, not the law, rules here.

Key positions at the Prosecutor General’s Office are being taken every day by followers of the infamous (former Prosecutor General Viktor) Pshonka.

The same political interference, direct and total pressure on investigators and prosecutors, intentional professional degradation, inaction and impunity hide behind the screen of an allegedly reformed body.

Ukrainians expected this law enforcement agency to prosecute the Yanukovych regime’s corruption and other crimes following the Revolution of Dignity but it has turned into a tool of political intimidation and profiteering once and for all.

I cannot and do not want to be part of a body that creates and tolerates total lawlessness instead of guarding the law– Ukraine is paying an excessive price for cleansing itself from corrupt politicians and law enforcement employees and cleptocrats who have united their efforts and have become the nation’s main decision makers.

Capabilities to help create a genuine European prosecutor’s office have been exhausted under the current leadership. Therefore it makes no sense whatsoever for me to keep this job.

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Don't speak evil of poor Putin - he has enough people gunning for him as it is. Most of them are Russian!

This is more proof that maidan did nothing but change one group of corruption for another and it's cost thousands of lives to do this and destroyed the economy ,,,

This represents great danger for Ukraine. As many have recognised, reform of the Proescutor General's office is key for the reform of Ukraine in all areas - without it, those against reform can violate the law with impunity, knowing that they will never be prosecuted. Reform of the PGO thus matters more than any other single piece of reform in Ukraine.

Now, we learn that, far from being reformed, the Prosecutor Generals office is winding back those few reforms that have already occurred!


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