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Emilia Kulchy­tska,

“I think all these charges are false, [President Viktor] Yanukovych is afraid of her and wants to remove her from the presidential election field because he is scared of rivalry. And also she talks about him pocketing state property, Mezhyhiria.

She will not go to jail, but people say that, even if she receives a suspended sentence, she will not be eligible to run in the next elections. And if we keep silent, it will really happen.”

Clara Lystrova,
cosmetic consultant

“Of course this is political persecution, a clear case. Look at [ex-Interior Minister Yuriy] Lutsenko – because of what is he jailed? Because of nothing. Is it normal? Everything is cooked up.

They just need to remove her from elections, from power. And this is called political persecution.”

Andriy Demy­denko,

“All these are political intrigues, nothing more. The aim is to eliminate a competitor in the future, not even today, so that she cannot prepare for the future battle.

She will not be jailed. Everything will be OK. But it will drag on and be costly.”

Anastasiya Ryavykina,
on maternity leave

“Every politician has a sin that needs to be prosecuted. Not that I am against Tymoshenko – not at all. She definitely has crimes to be held responsible for, and I agree that what is happening is justice.

But I don’t believe she will go to prison, not in this country. She already has enough money to settle the issue.”

Yuriy Sahno,

“There are zero chances in our country that this is an objective investigation.”

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