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You're reading: Oksana Bashuk Hepburn: Winning at revolutions

The three political opposition leaders and the
demonstrations need victories.  This did
not happen in parliament where, not having a majority, they failed to win a
non-confidence motion against Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and his
Cabinet.  True, had the Communists
supported them or the ruling Party abandoned ship there might have been a
victory.  If, if… Now, the opposistion
leaders will ask President Yanukovych to use his constitutional authority to
dismiss the Cabinet. Fat chance.

The revolution has strong endorsement inside Ukraine: the
President’s regime has a mere 13 % support. 
Internationally there is nearly universal blessing.  Poland lit up it’s tallest building in blue
and yellow colours in honour of Ukraine. 
The demonstrators gained a moral victory when Russia’s autocrat
President Putin called them extremists. 
But this is support for but not the end of the protests.  There are monumental tasks ahead.

There are some that would like to see the demonstrators to
stand down.  Former presidents Kravchuk,
Kuchma and Yushchenko are calling for a roundtable.  They appear more interested in calm than a
people’s victory against the regime: their assets are protected by the status
quo.  Mr. Yushchenko’s messages are the
most damaging.  Several times now he has
applauded the demonstrations’ non political nature.  This is false; the protest is a political act
by the people of the highest order but he knows full well that without
political leadership a throng of demonstrators is doomed to failure. He is not
interested in their victory.  Recall how
he helped Mr. Yanukovcyh win his first presidential election against Yulia
Tymoshenko by 3.5%.  by urging voters to
spoil their ballots by voting against all candidates. They shoud not be heeded.

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