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You're reading: Yanukovych’s August surprise

The coup d’etat (also known as a putsch or overthrow) seemed to put an end to the Soviet empire, but in reality, it did not. The empire is still very much alive in the minds of many Russians. The famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov once wrote that if in the first act of the play there is the gun hanging on the wall, then it must be fired by the end of the play. According to Russian “tradition,” it will likely be in August.

Interestingly, some of the Russian army brigades of the new Russian South Defense Command are already planning huge field exercises, just as we witnessed in 2008 before the Russian invasion of Georgia. The territory of this command borders with Georgia. But it also borders with Ukraine, more specifically with the Donbass, that part of Ukraine which has a population that was always the base for traditional communist ideology.

Donbass oligarchs rule in Ukraine for now and the former governor of Donetsk Oblast, Viktor Yanukovych is their president. At least this is the common belief. Meanwhile, there are some irregularities that contradict this simple concept of the presidency of Yanukovych.

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