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You're reading: Vox Populi with Nataliya Trach: How will you take advantage of visa-free travel to EU nations?
“I visited France in late April. With me, I had only a biometric passport, the booking for hotel, the round-trip flight tickets, medical insurance and the information about my account from the bank. The visa officer checked my documents for maximum 30 seconds. Now I feel much stronger that I, as a citizen of Georgia, am a full member of wider Europe.” Nataliya Parkulab, market analyst “Visa-free travel will give the possibility to our family to travel throughout Europe spontaneously. I am happy that my children will be able to see European culture and lifestyle and I think that we will often go on weekend tours to Europe.” 11_parkulab2 Mykhaylo Kalyukin,  journalist “I plan to get a biometric passport to go to Europe without visas. I have not been to Europe before. I chose to travel to the countries where visas for Ukrainians are not required instead because I did not want to be bothered with all this visa bustle. I am a hard rock music lover but unfortunately such bands as Revocation, Between The Buried And Me, Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, The Devin Townsend Project do not come to Ukraine, so my first visit to Europe will be to one of their concerts.” 11_kaliukin_ Dmytro Nabytovych, economist “I got my biometric passport in December when there was no fuss. Visa-free regime will give me the advantage of traveling across Europe and visiting local historical reconstruction festivals. Besides I do mountaineering so once the visa-free travel is introduced, I plan to first of all reach Alpine peaks.” 11_nabitovych_ Zinaida Kruvosheeva, freelancer “I plan to get a biometric passport because of the expected visa-free regime. Our family’s first trip without visas will be to Portugal. Afterwards we plan to go to Poland. (Last time) I visited Schengen countries 17 years ago. I did not consider travels to European countries because of bureaucratic drag. I just did not want to go to a consulate to prove that I am not an unemployed homeless prostitute who goes one way for easy money. If the visa-free travel is introduced I will travel to Europe more. One can go somewhere spontaneously if there are cheap tickets or friends would offer to join the trip.” 11_kruvosheeva-1

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