Oleksandr Andrush­chenko,


“What has happened is terrible for the country. Saakashvili is a very progressive kind of man and from what I know he was stripped of citizenship so he would not get a chance to do the same reforms he did in Georgia. I’ve been to Georgia many times and Saakashvili is very popular there.”



Violetta Khomut,


“It is so weird that at first Saakashvili was granted with Ukrainian citizenship and later it was taken away. He was the governor of Odessa Oblast, had a lot of power and it seems to me Poroshenko simply wanted to get rid of Saakashvili by stripping him of citizenship.”


Marina Yakubishina,


“I believe what has happened is the fault of both Poroshenko and Saakashvili. But what I do not like is all these games with Ukrainian citizenship granted and taken away so easily. Ukrainians do not look good in the light of the events.”


Vadim Sergienko,


“I think what’s going on is Poroshenko’s revenge, the president is simply getting square with Saakashvili. On the other hand, I am from Odesa and I feel like Saakashvili is more of a talker, he hasn’t done much for Ukraine.”


Andrew Gladchenko,


“I remember there was the time when Poroshenko and Saakashvili were in very good relationships. Sometimes I think there is some kind of agreement between them and Saakashvili was stripped of citizenship because for some reason he wanted to leave Ukraine.”

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