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You're reading: Vox Populi with Toma Istomina: Where in the EU will you travel first after visas are cancelled, possibly as early as June?
vp_arabanji_kch_4476 Alina Arabandji, designer “I haven’t planned any trips yet and I already have a (Schengen) visa, but I’m really happy for my mom, who can now join me for any journey without going through the complicated process of getting a visa.” vp_gavrilova_kch_4485 Raisa Havrylova, retiree “I am a retiree, I can’t afford traveling. With Ukraine receiving visa-free regime, nothing changes in my life.” vp_klimenko_kch_4619 Dmytro Klymenko, businessman “I’m going to visit Poland and Germany in order to buy a car. I’m glad I don’t have to go through this humiliating procedure anymore. I always felt like a second-class human asking for a visa in the embassies and waiting for their decision.” vp_zadorozhniy_kch_4545 Kostyantyn Zadorozhniy, public servant “I can have any trip without travel liberalization. Honestly, I think politicians play their games with visa-free promises, while we have much more important issues, like war, and the peace deals that nobody implements.” vp_cherniy_kch_4592 Davyd Chorniy, student “I haven’t planned any journeys yet, but I definitely will. I think it will be a great opportunity for people to travel much easier than before.” vp_gryshchuk_kch_4565 Valeriy Hryshchuk, scientist “I have never had problems with getting a visa. That’s why I think that travel liberalization will only harm those who work in the EU countries illegally. Europe will put them under stricter control, and send them back home, where they will join the unemployed.”  

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