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You're reading: 2017 AI Summit by Ukrsoft launched a model of collaboration between scientific community and IT sector

On May 25, 2017, Ukrsoft hosted the 2017 AI Summit, which attracted leaders from academic, scientific and research organizations across the country. The key topic of discussion was the cutting edge research that is being done in the sphere of artificial intelligence and machine learning by various academic and scientific organizations across the country, and ways to accelerate real solutions to worldwide clients through effective collaboration with IT companies such as Ukrsoft.

Attendees included well-known researchers, academic leaders and luminaries such as Dr. Vitalii Klymenko (Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems, Academy of Science of Ukraine), Prof. Vitalii Lytvynov (Chernigiv National Technology University), Prof. Sergiy Golub (Cherkasy State University) and many other thought leaders.


Vadym Vorobiov CTO Ukrsoft speaking at AI Summit

Multiple research teams presented their past and current focus on cognitive computing, machine learning and cloud as a mechanism to deliver sophisticated solutions to clients worldwide. The attendees focused on cooperation and collaboration with commercial sector with its direct access to clients and understanding of their needs and market trends.

Ukrsoft, an intelligent solutions and software company based in USA and Ukraine, was the organizer of the conference. Ukrsoft management team presented a number of opportunities and challenges in commercial sectors including health, banking, insurance, social programs, public safety, media and transportation.

Ukrsoft executive team presented a model for engaging the scientific community in the task of designing cutting-edge software that solves complex business problems and collaboration to accelerate intelligent solutions to markets worldwide. Ukrsoft presented three models of collaboration that included research projects initiated by clients to solve specific business problems, commercial projects with ongoing participation by the scientific community and, new product launch through combining research projects with rigorous product management.

Several prominent researchers and leaders expressed their willingness for collaboration using the models that Ukrsoft presented. Vadym Vorobyov, Ukrsoft CTO and a key presenter at the conference said, “Thanks to advances in computing power and distribution mechanisms such as cloud, cognitive computing is now able to deliver real business benefits. At the same time, the technology is evolving rapidly and requires ongoing research. Effective and ongoing collaboration between IT sector and scientific community is a proven model employed at MIT and Stanford. We are pursuing the same model of collaboration between our company and the scientific community”.

The participants of the AI Summit discussed how research that is focused on artificial intelligence and related technologies can be leveraged in collaboration with business to rapidly bring new software solutions to market, and how IT sector can direct and support the various research and innovation efforts.

Kostya Grygoryev, Ukrsoft COO stated, “We are committed to creating a sustainable partnership model with research organizations. Our strategic plan includes not only various cooperation models, but also a performance framework that will be used to track the progress and maximize the positive impact of this research on the client businesses”.

Professor Vitalii Lytvynov, Chairman of the AI Summit, and keynote speaker at the conference summarized his views by stating, “It is time to unify the efforts of our research community with the IT sector. Ambitious objectives in the development and use of disruptive technologies cannot be achieved in silos; they require strong cooperation and links with software development companies. The Ukrainian scientific community is ready to take the important step of collaboration and open to adopting a multilevel approach to research that can deliver better and faster results”.

With several leading organizations expressing interest in additional meetings, Ukrsoft announced that a second AI Summit is being planned for October 2017, as a forum for presenting latest research in the areas of cognitive computing, machine learning and other disruptive advances in technologies and to explore ways commercialize the research into successful offerings.

Launched in 2001, Ukrsoft has been serving clients worldwide with research, development, deployment and maintenance of enterprise solutions that combine cutting edge research with disciplined product and project management. The company has successfully addressed complex problems for clients such as Delta Airlines, Boeing, Department of Defense and many more. Ukrsoft continues to invest heavily in transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, distributed computing and ledgers and analysis of text and video, and combining them to deliver disruptive and sustainable solutions to clients worldwide across a variety of sectors.

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