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You're reading: Khutorets na Dnipri – Homestead by the shore

Like the mighty river whose name it bears, Khutorets na Dnipri of the La Famiglia group of restaurants has been around for as long as anyone can remember, yet it is constantly changing, fostering new tastes while perfecting long-established ones. Again like the Dnipro, the restaurant enjoys such a legacy of greatness that people almost take it for granted. But that might be the very key to its longevity. Khutorets knows its clientele, from the demanding gourmand to the busy family.
Down-home hospitality
Founded on the right-bank of the Dnipro, Khutorets offers the essential river dining experience, whether close to shore or out among the currents. The cuisine is positioned as folk Ukrainian, but with a modern twist. The very name ‘Khutorets’ means ‘a small homestead’, which is oddly appropriate, for the kitchen is a pioneer in mixing traditional dishes with contemporary flourishes.
And like a homestead, Khutorets is generous to its guests. The appetizer menu alone caters to all tastes, offering the traditional seafood dishes of salted herring, sablefish caviar and Black Sea sprats, a variety of Ukrainian cheeses and a Jewish salad, just for example.
Ukrainians are famous for their hospitality, sharing the fruits of their labor until the table is literally covered in dishes. And one dish that always finds its place is a platter of salo, a type of cured bacon, usually served with rye bread. Khutorets prides itself not only on maintaining this honored ritual, but bringing it to full bloom. No fewer than seven types of salo are available, from sweet honeyed salo to spicy peppered salo.
Tradition also means variation in this vast country, so to that end Khutorets has collected the tastiest dishes from all regions of Ukraine. Our menu includes the succulent cornmeal banosh of the Carpathian Mountains, the latest catch from the Black Sea and the rich beetroot borscht that can be found across mainland Ukraine.
Spirits on ice
But salo cannot be eaten alone. Spirits are also involved, for those who indulge, and Khutorets goes above and beyond the call of duty in this ritual. Taking pride of place in the restaurant is the temperature-controlled “vodka room”, where over a hundred types and brands of horilka representing all of Ukraine are held, whether from famous distilleries or from off-the-grid villages. Tasting evenings are a staple at Khutorets.
Anchors aweigh!
If the river breeze wafting through the open decks of the anchored vessel is not fresh enough for your tastes, Khutorets offers its own fleet for excursions on the open river with a captain and a guide. And there is no restriction on the menu because of your travel. Enjoy a steak of premium Ukrainian beef or a range of grilled meats or fish as you sail past the glittering golden domes of the ancient Pecherska Lavra and the lush banks of the Dnipro dotted with sandy beaches and romantic islets.
Those remaining close to shore, meanwhile, can enjoy live music performed by some of Ukraine’s most accomplished folk musicians. The vibrant melodies create a festive atmosphere for gregarious dining.
And speaking of festivals, Khutorets is always offering new and creative seasonal dishes. At the moment, strawberries rule the roost, and not just for dessert. Our chef has prepared a special menu to take advantage of this seasonal delicacy. You can start with dumplings smothered in strawberries and sweet sour cream, move on to a venison salad with strawberries and cheese and finish with a light dessert of baked cream and strawberries.
Homemade ice cream with a twist
Children love to watch ships sailing by, but why should they have to enjoy the spectacle while sitting at a table? They can better appreciate this distraction in the company of an animator, which Khutorets provides free of charge. And what is more, our animators teach master classes in the fine arts of Ukrainian cookery, pottery and homemade ice cream.
Yes, homemade ice cream. Khutorets makes its own ice cream fused with elements of Ukrainian folk desserts. Treat yourself to the frozen delicacy with carrots and hazelnuts or the unique “Dove’s Milk” soufflé. There are even rhubarb, sorrel and elderberry sorbets. Don’t be shy about taking a pint home with you!
Bounteous hospitality is not restricted to close friends or family huddled around cozy table by the water’s edge. A large, boisterous gathering is a great opportunity to renew acquaintances, treat your colleagues or celebrate an event, and Khutorets has just the rooms for all occasions. Whether in the heart of the vessel or open to the river, we can create the perfect atmosphere with original décor to go with our unique dishes. The Carpathian room has traditional alpine motifs and a hardwood floor, the Hall of the Steppe features richly embroidered tapestries and a tiled hearth, while the Ukrainian Night Hall is a large space open to the starry heavens. A full-service banquet awaits!

Kyiv, Naberezhno-Khreschatytska Street, 10A
+380 67 209 14 44

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